Summary: Change of Status from a low level Christian to a high level Christian


Motto: To Make Christ Known

TOPIC: See you at the top: it is crowded at the top Mark 2:1-13

This is a wonderful, powerful and incredible experience of 4 men and a friend. (Turn to the next person and say see you at the top). I see you rise to the top.

The Bible says it was heard that He was in the House. When Jesus is in the house something must happen. He is not a silent listener. He is an active participant. He cannot be in your house and things are not happening. Things have to happen, miracles have to follow. Verse 12 says we never saw anything like this before. You too will say like Mary when she was told what God would do in her life and she said how can this be? God will give you how can this be miracle today in Jesus Name. This is a miracle that will baffle specialists and would be packaged by God. When you face challenges, it is a privilege because it makes you to know the power of God. I suggest that we know whom we are in the Lord because He packaged you for your destiny and you are good for your location. There is no apology for whom you are. You must never apologize for your location or past because it is part of your testimony for your future. He knows where he is taking you and there is something about the favour of God for your life, which means that wherever you are you will prosper because there is the favour of God upon your life. Let them uproot you from here and plant you another country, you will still prosper. The reason is because you are part of the family that is guaranteed to win because it is in your nature and the nature of your Father is to succeed. You carry the genes of God and that is why we say that you have been regenerated, in order words you have been “regened”. We put the gene of God in you through the word of God. So now that you have the gene of God, the genetics of God is that of success. God is not a failure when He speaks it happens. In fact, after He speaks it He watches over it, it never comes back to Him void. From today God will so anoint the word of your mouth so that when you speak to your business or anything you believe God to touch in your life today, it will come to pass. When you speak to your destiny it will happen because you carry the genetics of the one who does not fail. The babies of lions do not apologize for killing other animals. This is because it is just in their genes. There is something about the favour of God in your life. You just have to know that you have been packaged for a season and there is a place God is taking to. If you are not there yet, you must learn how to enjoy where you are on your way to where you are going and when afflictions come your way you need to know that when it comes it gives you the opportunity to grow in the Lord and you will be strengthened. You see if Satan has had enough sense, it would learn to leave the children of God alone. This is because anytime he pushes trouble on your way, you step on it and it turns from trouble to triumph. Every time he sends a battle, you step on the battle and turn it into blessings.

The Bible says that Creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God and when we fight with the enemy and overcome we manifest whom we are in God. That is why when he sends somebody and they attack your life, don’t worry because the more they divide you, the more God will multiply you. The more they want to subtract from you the more God adds to you. Only the devil is in the business of minus and division but God is in the business of plus and multiplication. Everything He does multiplies, so also you will multiply and increase on a day by day basis. You just have to learn that you will reach that place where challenges will come but the reason why they come is that God is also preparing you to the blessing of pressed down, shaken together and running over. Your cup will run over and overflow in blessings. You will look back on those days of adversity and you can’t even remember them any more.

From where we read four men got interested in their partner. He had a problem, why? Because all his life, according to the scripture, he has been carried. We have atimes been carried in different stages of our life due to certain circumstances. From today, that carrying stops in Jesus name. You may not know what pain it is when a man is being carried. It means he has legs but he can’t work, he has arms he can’t use it. This man is at the lowest of his life. Turn to the next person to the next person and say- see you at the top!

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