Summary: A look at the praise, precaution, & promise that will allow us to see the higher ground.

Seeing Higher Ground When the Ground is Shaking

June 27, 2010


A (IL)

B Chapter 146 is the first of 5 chapters called the “Hallelujah Psalms”. All start with “Hallelujah/Praise the Lord.”

1 The Psalms are songs written to be sung by God’s children, eventually would be sung in the Temple (top 150 worship sings of the day).

a The music used in the Temple, according to Gdersheim’s The Temple, owed its origin to David, who was not only a poet and composer, but who also invented musical instruments (Amos 6:5; 1 Chron. 23:5; Psalms 33:2, 144:9)

b The same Holy Spirit that inspired David to write “146" also inspired Isaac Watts to write “Amazing Grace”, and inspired the Chris Tomlins, Mark Halls, & David Crowders.

c Be careful of throwing stones of criticism at various styles of music.

aa “I prefer the Holy Spirit’s earlier works.”

bb I believe God is a God who likes variety (elephants/earthworms, flowers/fish), evidenced by creation.

cc It’s O.K. to have preferences, traditions, but don’t mistake these for Scripture.

2 Today, we’re going to see higher ground in times when the ground shakes.

a We’ll see how the psalmist gives us a word of praise, precaution, & promise that will allow us to see the higher ground.

b Pray

I Praise (vs. 1-2)

A King David vows to praise God his whole life. (While I live, have my being.)

1 David knew that it was God who had gave him life, breath and it’s only right to David that he use that life/breath to praise God.

a I wonder how many of us would see being simply alive as reason enough for us to praise God for all of it?

aa being (Hb. Ruwach) means spirit, breath, wind.

bb As long as there is breath in my lungs I will use it glorify the King.

b David praise was not based on any circumstance but upon a conscious choice: If I’m alive/ breath I will praise Him.

aa Ps. 7.17; reflects Job 1.21

bb Ps. 34.1

2 David never expect to stop praising God.

a Ps. 30.12

b “I’m just getting warmed up here, getting going good, breaking in my shouting shoes to prepare me for the worship in heaven.”

B When we live a life of praise we are tuned into the frequency of heaven.

1 Praise is the vocal, audible, and/or visible adoration of God.

a vocal: sing (146.2), shout (66.1), get loud (26.7)

b audible: clap (Ps. 47.1a), instruments (150.3-5)

c visible: raised hands (63.4), dancing (149.3), kneeling/havah (1 Chron. 16.29)

2 Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I’ll move the earth.”

a Lever (leverage) needs two resources: refrence for the lever and the lever.

aa Our reference is the unchanging, unstoppable, unmovable Sovereignty of God. (Fulcrum)

bb The lever is our spontaneous praise response to the most mighty and all powerful Truth.

b When we praise Him things begin to move in our lives.

aa Walls crumble & light pours in; roads built into places where there was once no access.

bb Tear down strongholds the enemy has built.

c Overcome criticism, complaining; stop competing & comparing ourselves to others; grateful for/in everything; believe God is working all things together for good.

3 The devil will not stick/stay around in a life that is heaven bent on praising the Most High God. (It’s amazing what praising can do.)

II Precaution (vs. 3-4)

A King David tells Israel not to trust kings, princes, sons of men.

1 He didn’t! (Ps. 44.4-8)

a He understood that the kings job was to protect, provide, support, defend the people of his kingdom.

b He also understood that every king, prince leader comes into power w/ an expiration date on their head.

aa People die (his spirit departs), today’s bright ideas are tomorrow’s clearance items.

bb “Returns to the earth” shows he understands Gen. 3.19; Adam from adamah (earth).

cc Regardless of how many acres, barns, homes one has when they die, they only thing they’ll have when they die is the hole they’re buried in.

2 He was concerned that Israel’s leaders would enter into unholy, wrong alliances w/ earthly leaders instead of turning to God for help. (Trust in flesh and blood)

a Israel had done with starting w/ Abraham, the Exodus generation, Isaiah, Jeremiah . . . turned to Egypt instead of trusting God.

b David is saying, “Don’t you do it.”

B Regardless of a person’s character, integrity, humility, brilliance, leadership abilities, compassion, . . . everyone returns to the earth.

1 We’re given a word of warning not to totally rely in “flesh & blood”, ours or anyone elses.

a IL. My grandfather stood 6'7" tall, deacon at Hoot’s Chapel Christian Church, took me to church w/ him from 3 to 6 years old. Biggest & best man my 5 year old mind knew. He died.

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