Summary: Today in this intellectual age we must believe that we can see as God see’s then start reaching out to see. but We can’t see unless we look.

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We are called to see into the Spiritual.

In fact WE are designed to see, hear, and know the Spiritual.

So we must

1) Purpose to see the Spiritual

2) have a desire to see the Spiritual

3) be hungry for the Spiritual

Today in this intellectual age we must believe that we can see, and start reaching out to see. We can’t see unless we look.

When I was young I had never heard of or even known about a bird common in NZ called the Spotless Crake. It wasn’t until I saw a picture in a bird book that I even knew that they existed. I began to read about where I Might find one. And then I began to go to those places in search of one. And you know what. I found them. If you care to read some scientific papers written in the 1970’s you will find my name attached to some of them. The fact is they were right under my nose. But until I looked I didn’t see one.

In the Spirit it is the same. Jesus said “To him who seeks he shall find”

I love to hear fresh revelation and wonderful flowing of the Spirit in meetings, But unless someone seeks the will go over our head. Revelation comes to those who seek it.

In other words there must be a desire to see God, and His ways

What we see we need to declare!

It is not always easy to describe what God is showing us.. But if we seek, then He will give us the words. There is a power in proclaiming what God has shown us. “Declaring the now vision of God.”

If we don’t reach out for more of Him. We will struggle in the days that are about to come upon the Earth. God delights in removing the scales from our eyes. He is causing every scale to fall off if we present our Spiritual eyes to Him. When we see we need to declare!

Your visions dont need to be huge to share them.

Share what little you see and you will receive more! Don’t worry what others think, share it and then learn from the Fathers & Mothers of the faith. "He that is faithful in a little will be faithful in much"

Remember the story of the blind man whom Jesus prayed for twice?

First, he saw men as trees walking ~ then when Jesus prayed again he saw clearly. Because he shared what he saw he received more!

If we declare our vision as we see it. God will give you a clearer vision.

Too often people wait for the big vision which never comes.

Share what you see and let God make the rest clear.

The declaring releases something in your Spirit.

God wants us to dwell in the realm of vision.

The revelation of God will quicken your spirit in the hour that is coming upon the Earth.

That which we see in the natural is not necessarily the real picture of the way things really are. So don’t be afraid to share the vision the way you see it! Even it is opposed to how we should see in the natural!

For instance ~

Jesus on the cross at the time.... didn’t seem to be a victory

Lazarus dying and being put into the tomb didn’t seem to be a victory

But the Church was birthed in this type of revelation and vision that didn’t add up in the natural.

In this hour as we move into the apostolic restoration of all things ~ the place of sending! We must remember we can’t enter without seeing into the Spirit. The Occultists do it. The Spiritualists do it. They are only counterfeits of the real thing. We have the real thing and don’t use it!

God is Spirit.. and those who worship him must worship Him in Spirit.

There are still many who don’t believe in the realm of the Spirit, but that does not negate what God is doing! God is restoring the true ministry of the prophet... The Seer is the one who sees by vision and speaks it out.

Today make a Proclamation…… Lord let there be a renewal of the ability to see into the Spirit.

Seeing into the needs of people will change the way you speak to people!

Moving from information sharing in the area of counselling which comes from our knowledge. To the revelation of fresh bread. Fresh food fresh hope straight from the throne of God.

Lay aside the old. And dare to ask God for the new.

Lay aside your vision and ask God for His vision for your life!

God wants us; His Church to move from Glory to Glory

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