"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: A look at what jealousy did to Saul (and what it usually does to us).

- Examples:

1. The neighbor with more stuff.

2. The sibling with more attention.

3. The co-worker with more success.

- Jealousy is one of those sins that we treat as not being a big deal.

What It Does: Jealousy often creates enemies where none exist.

- 1 Samuel 18:5a.

- David remained loyal to Saul and there was never even a hint of ambition from David to overthrow Saul.

- Jealousy is one of those sins that we treat as not being a big deal. This passage lays out the impact that it had on Saul.

What It Does To Us:

1. It makes us more angry.

- 1 Samuel 18:8.

2. It makes us paranoid.

- 1 Samuel 18:8.

3. It keeps us from enjoying relationships.

- 1 Samuel 18:9.

4. It pushes God away from us.

- 1 Samuel 18:10.

5. It causes us to try to hurt people.

- 1 Samuel 18:11.

6. It increases the fear in our hearts.

- 1 Samuel 18:15.

A Final Thought - But What If They Are Out To Get Me? Their un-Christian behavior doesn’t justify your un-Christian behavior.

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