Summary: This verse calls and challenges the people to come to Him for knowledge, wealth and life. Its continuous search at the feet of God. Such men is sought by God

Men Sought by God

Proverbs 8:34

“Blessed is the man that hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors”.


Waiting is always connected to and referred to the act of Prayer with fasting. Be still and look to Lord and wait patiently (Ps.37:7). I waited patiently (Ps.40:1). Lord be gracious we are waiting (Is.33:2).

The prayerful worshiper Simeon was waiting for the consolation of the Israelite (Lk.2:25). Also, the Hannah was waiting and watching at the temple for the Messiah (Lk.2:37).

Waiting gives you the gift of the Father (Ac.1:4), i.e., the Holy Spirit. I understand that the receiving of the Holy Spirit expressed through speaking in tongues, but exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit in day today life is more demanding and important than mere shouting and jumping among others.


Watching is to observe, and to be attentive carefully. Look expectantly. Watching is looking for the good to come. Go to the place of dwelling (Dt.12:5, 16:16) Blessed are those who dwell in your house (Ps.84:4), The temple of God teaches death, life, and eternity (Mic.4:2). The blessings in dwelling in the Temple of God is goodness and mercy (Ps.23:6). I love your house where your glory dwells (Ps.26:8). I may dwell in the house of the Lord in all my days (Ps.27:4)

One day at the courts of God is better than 1000days elsewhere (Ps.84:10). David’s Love for temple is expressed through giving of Gold, silver, personal treasurers (I Chr.29:3).


One of the great blessings is Ears. Deafness is one way another blessing. You hear nothing of the evil, curse. Many problems might have been avoided if properly listened and properly understood. Misunderstanding is one of the greatest and mightiest weapons used unknowingly to destroy people. hearing is linked with visual cognition, sense response, and attention to the violent and vulnerabilities.

The ear which accepts the rebukes will stay with the wise (Pr.15:31). Hearing the word of God is better than our offerings, donations and alms (Eccl.5:1). The hearing is better than any offerings or sacrifices we make for God (I Sam.15:22-23).

Who can hear the word of God: the noble and good heart person-hears-receives-understands-preserves finally reproduces a crop (Lk.8:15, Mt.13:23)? So quick to listen, slow to speak (Jas.1:19). He wakes me up and makes me to listen (Is.50:4)

Mary listened to the word of God sitting at the feet of God (Lk.10:39). The Bereans were noble because they listened and examined the scriptures daily (Ac.17:11). When you receive the right word at the right time is equivalent to Gold (Pr.25:11-12).

The prophet Habakkuk says he heard the revealed words. (Hab.3:2). God looks for such persons who can hear his Word rather than learning the tactics of the enemies, the wisdom of the teachers and the literature. God’ word is greater than our experiences (Ps.119:98-100).

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