Summary: Each season brings about unique opportunities that we should take advantage of corporately and individually for our embitterment in every area of our life.

Each season brings about unique opportunities that we should take advantage of corporately and individually for our embitterment in every area of our life.

For if, we remain idle, indifferent, illogical, and illusive to divine opportunities that occasionally become afforded to us from God, we will always remain in a confused, empty, and depressed state of being because of a bad memory of a lost opportunity.

For example, in the Gospel of John recorded in the fifth chapter there is an unnamed man, who was impotent, infirmed, ineffective, powerless, inferior to the eyes of society, disapproved, and probably disregarded by loved ones, who suffered the physical agony of his condition and the mental torture of depression and unworthiness for thirty-eight years. These described years were distressful, shameful, un-purposeful, unfulfilling, unproductive, confusing, and contemptible to him because they were years of lost opportunities.

And why, for it was not because of his extremity that withheld him from seizing an opportunity for healing, but his excuse that was laced with anger and bitterness that thwarted his healing and purpose for his own existence.

For when Jesus saw “this” infirmed man who suffered for so long at this deplorable state of deprivation and demoralization, He [Jesus] questioned this man, “Wilt thou be made whole?” – will you employ an effort by seizing an opportunity to experience wellness spiritually, psychologically, physically, and socially?

Before Jesus extended another opportunity though to this infirmed man, He demanded an effort on this mans part. In the fifth chapter of St. John, the eighth verse, Jesus said unto this man, “Rise, [meaning an employment of energy, effort, exertion of strength to get something done] take up thy bed, and walk [seize this opportunity to receive something great so you can accomplish something purposeful and fulfilling].

And, as mentioned in the Gospel according to St. John, this infirmed man laid his excuses down at the pool of Bethesda because he was confronted and challenged by Jesus to seize a favorable opportunity; and finally seizing the opportunity afforded him, he immediately experienced wholeness.

“United” and those who were divinely drawn to this place of worship, will you seize this opportunity of divine favor to experience wholeness and fulfill your God given purpose as this man eventually did? Or, will you allow apathy, indolence, insurrection, and ignorance thwart your purpose, your progress, and your prosperity?

For many at this moment, this is an opportunity for salvation. Others, it may be an opportunity for repentance and purging. What ever this season has afforded you; take advantage of its opportunity. For tomorrow is not promised to no individual, and we can not afford to presume any further upon the graces of God.

Regardless of your condition or plight, your history or your rehearsed excuse – you can be an overcomer an not one whose been overcome, a victor and not a victim, a winner and not a failure by seizing this opportunity for your particular deliverance by your effort of faith.

First John 5:4 exclaims, “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”

This text clearly defines who these overcomers are. They are all who believe that Jesus is God’s Son, and has accepted Him as their Lord and savior by their open confession and acceptances that He [Jesus] was raised by God from the dead and know sits at the right hand of God to plea a case of not guilty on their behalf.

As well in this text, the Greek word “overcomer” means to conquer, to have victory, to have superiority or conquering power over idleness, indifference, fear, deception, and even Satan’s motivations that attempts you from grasping every opportunity from experiencing God’s best for your life.

So, you who are housed in this place who allowed these ills to prevent you from changing your ways to experiencing God’s best, please do not allow this opportunity to past you by and become a sad memory of a lost opportunity.

Loose the shackles of fear, break the bands of pride, resist the evil that plagues your mind and tell the devil give me back my dignity, give me back my self esteem, give me back my integrity, give me back my health, give me back my dreams and aspirations. For I have purpose to fulfill and a destiny to enter in.

Returning to our scripture text, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

This implies that every season created under the canopy of the heavenly, invisible, eternal realm offers an opportunity for individuals to fulfill their God given purpose of existence.

Just don’t carp or cavil like Israel did in the wilderness. For they never experienced the fullness of liberty, joy, peace, and wholeness. For the only two that did were, Joshua and Caleb. So, don’t resign and become embittered. Initiate some action by operating your faith and learn from your experiences to better your life.

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