Summary: This message address some of the root causes of many personal and societal problems.

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Self Control

Text: Prov. 25:28

Intro: It is evident that many personal and societal problems stem

from lack of self control.

Look at the evidence-lack of control in:




drug abuse


illicit sex




unwise spending

etc, ad nauseum

Theme: We want instant gratification now. Otherwise there will be the Devil to pay. And pay we do:

mis-use of credit

abuse of credit

pre-marital sex

blatant, in your face, adultery

rampant, out of control STD’s

abortions on demand

fatal car wrecks by youngsters

fatal shootings, stabbings

illegal/abusive drug use by all ages

Not surprisingly, this lack of self-control can be traced back to

the beginning of the human race (Gen. 4:1-15); ever futher, if we

consider Satan’s rebellion in Heaven.

--- I. Why The Lack of Self Control

A. Cain will be our example.


1. Cain refused to bring the best of what he had.

2. a mediocre sacrifice

3. Able brought his best-the first born of his flock (Heb. 11:4).

4. Cain was warned that sin was croughing at the door

( 1 Peter 5:8 ).

C. Questions/Exams for us-1 Cor. 11:28.

1. Do we hold selfish, arrogant attitudes?

2. Are we giving God our best in

a. church attendance

b. spiritual walk

c. temporal means


d. just giving Him the leftovers?

3. Do we, in our worship to God,

a. strive for excellence

b. give Him the best moments of our days

c. use our spiritual gifts to further the Kingdom


d. just make lousy excuses as to why full devotion cannot be


e. "Let temporal things serve thy use, but the eternal be the

object of thy desire."

_____Thomas a` Kempis

---- 4. What does this have to do with self control?

a. We begin losing control when we place ourselves ahead

of God in order of importance.

b. Sin lies at the door.

c. Proper perspective (point of view) becomes lost.

d. illustration: If helicopter pilots in the air look straight

down, it is reported, they lose their proper

depth perception.

e. Sin gets its foot in the door.


1. moments of rage-i.e., Cain

2. moments of lust-i.e., David

3. needful that the emotions be mastered

4. needful to control ourselves (Prov. 29:11)


1. i.e., Cain’s flippant answer to God

2. The may be times when our attitudes say to the Lord,

a. "What gives You the right to question me?"

b. "Who do You think You are?"

3. During rebellious moments we become very ugly.


1. our text

2. There are no defenses when the walls are broken.

3. Lack of self control weakens our defenses and diminishes

levels of faith, honesty, and integrity.

---- II. What To Do About This Lack

A. definitions

1. self under control (emotions, desires, actions)

2. Someone said, "...ability to break a chocolate bar in pieces-

then eat just one piece."

3. actually bringing ourselves under full control of the Holy Spirit

(Rom. 8:9)

B. practical helps

1. Admit there is a problem/challenge.

a. James 1:14

b. Rom. 14:12

c. The Devil did not make us lose self control.

d. Dysfunctional parents or backgrounds did not make us do it.

e. Past abuses/painful experiences were not the cause.

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