Summary: Discipline does not automatically make someone a leader, but no one can lead for long without it.

Discipline does not automatically make someone a leader, but no one can lead for long without it.

I. Discipline

a. More government leaders have failed from poor discipline than poor policies.

b. More pastors have failed due to bad discipline than bad theology.

c. More business leaders have sabotaged their careers from lack of discipline than lack of cash flow.

II. Samson had it and lost it

a. Early in Career (Judges 14:1 – 16:19)

a.a. Dedicated to God

a.b. Great Warrior

a.c. Exceedingly strong

a.d. Killed thousands of soldiers

a.e. Man of Faith

a.f. Broke strong bands

a.g. Killed a lion

b. Later in Career (Judges 16:20-27)

b.a. Deceived by a woman

b.b. Eyes burned out

b.c. Imprisoned

b.d. Mocked and ridiculed

b.e. Never fulfilled potential

b.f. Lost his anointing

III. Samson teaches us that:

a. Lack of self discipline blinds, binds and grinds.

b. We must never lose the original vision that drove us.

c. Success must never distort us.

d. Weaknesses must be addressed in our lives.

IV. Disciplines people want to see in a leaders life:

a. Character

b. Competence

c. Contribution

d. Cause

e. Consistency

f. Confidence

g. Courage

h. Convictions

V. How to build conviction – principles we live and die for:

a. Study and learn what the Bible says on a given issue.

b. Choose to apply and obey God’s word every day.

c. Make a decision on what is worth living and dying for.

d. Give your whole heart to Jesus Christ.

e. Allow God to lead you by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Take time to evaluate your life. God is counting on us. He has called us, equipped us and fortified us. We are well able to take the land. You are a great leader.

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