Summary: This is the 27th sermon in the Action Series. This series began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series: Action [#27]


Acts 13:1-12


One of the main themes of the Book of Acts is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Early Church did not grow because of their hard work. They grew because of the work of the Holy Spirit. I want you to notice today, that as a Child of God, you have been sent. You have been sent by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the will of God. You have been sent by the Holy Spirit to lead people to Jesus.

Acts 13:1-5

When the Holy Spirit sends you…

1. Accept the job.

Our text begins by telling us about 5 men who were worshipping, fasting, and praying.

* Barnabas.

Barnabas was mentioned 1st. Most likely, he was listed 1st because he was the leader of the group at that point. He was a Jew sent from the Jerusalem Church.

* Simeon called Niger.

Simeon is a Jewish name; but notice that he was called Niger, (which is translated as “the black man.”)

* Lucius.

Lucius was from Cyrene which was in north Africa.

* Manaen.

Manaen is another Jewish name; and notice that he was a lifelong friend of Herod. This was not the Herod that had just cut James’ head off. This was the Herod that Jesus talked to before His crucifixion. Some scholars even say that they were raised as brothers.

* Saul.

Saul was a Jewish man. He was a Pharisee and expert in religious law- A man who was out to stop the church and end the spread of Christianity. A man who arrested and even was present at the murder of followers of Jesus. He was the most unexpected person to be saved. He would become a leader in the Church.

While these men were worshiping and fasting, the Holy Spirit told them to set apart Barnabas and Saul. They fasted and prayed; and then they placed their hands on them and sent them off.

Acts 13:6-8

When the Holy Spirit sends you…

2. Recognize the barriers.

* Doubting that the Holy Spirit will work in us like He did in the Early Church.

Is it hard to believe that the Holy Spirit still moves like this today? The Holy Spirit has not changed.

* Feeling inadequate.

On your own, you have very little hope; but with the Holy Spirit of God living within you, there is nothing that is impossible.

* Cultural barriers.

It is interesting that our text shows the racial diversity of these men; but it also shows their cultural barriers.

* Christian cultural barriers.

Christian culture is things like- Saying spiritual phrases or doing specific religious things.

Acts 13:6-12

When the Holy Spirit sends you…

3. Recognize your opposition and your power.

We don’t get all the details; but apparently Bar-Jesus opposed Saul and those with him. Probably because the ministry of Saul and Barnabas was jeopardizing his standing with the proconsul. Remember that the enemy is going to put up opposition against your ministry.


Are you a Christian? Then you are called, and you are sent. Called to what exactly? Sent to where? We’d love to help you figure that out.

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