Summary: Satan has persuaded mankind for centuries that there is no future punishment, no final accounting before God. That lie can now be fully exposed. Let’s examine it together!


Satan has persuaded mankind for centuries that there will be no final accounting before God. i.e. There will be no future punishment for anyone. Today we have an answer for this, "It’s a lie and don’t believe it!"

He would have everyone to believe and it’s to his advantage, that there will be no final accounting. No inventory of ones life and yet the scriptures speaks differently. Which are you willing to believe, the father of all lies or the truth, nothing but the truth which is the Word of God!

The Bible declares there will be a day when man will give an account of his rejection and rebellion. It will be at the White Throne Judgment. The first thing that we discover about this event is: The Face Of God Revealed.

John’s description of this event is remarkable as we see it together.

Main Division

I. First, We Are Introduced To A Terrible Figure (11a)

II. Secondly, The Experience Of Terrible Fear (11b)

III. Thirdly, No Place To Flee (11c)

Conclusion: Now, who do you want to believe?

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