Summary: In the beginning, God created from nothing

Sermon on A Changing World.

May I speak in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our world is constantly changing. Change is all around us and is persistent even if it is wanted or not. Trevor McDonald, the television newsreader and journalist once said: "In the end, we are changed by what we see, just as we are changed when we are seen." Most people would probably agree that changes are happening at an alarming rate in certain sections of our environment and technology. Different approaches and thinking have to be established as the needs occur. We also have to understand that unless adjustments are made, we are asking for severe problems in the imminent future. We have to learn to take notice and heed what is transpiring and react accordingly. Scientists and technological experts identify far more readily with the importance of the need for change to keep up with demand and adapt to new situations in life. However, sometimes they wrongly believe that a change of the entire image is necessary, instead of perhaps adding to what already exists, which can, if undertaken correctly, accomplish an even greater result. It is well known that change for change’s sake is not always the best course of action.

We are all probably very familiar with the story of “In The Beginning” in the first chapter of Genesis. It is very often our first introduction to God and how His magnificent efforts formed the perfect world. Each phase being carefully and meticulously planned to complement the previous day’s actions and endeavours. It is important to note that nothing was removed or destroyed to make way for the next addition. In a symmetrical way, it is rather like a giant jigsaw puzzle, each piece having its own unique place and reason for its existence, yet complementing its adjoining pieces until the entire picture is formed and the project is complete. Many thousands of years later the need for creativity is still continuing. Why? Because as time passes things change and improvement is required and so we need to do the same or risk a complete standstill with no further progression. Purely as an analogy, if we compare God's wonderful creation to the modern television set we can see that the original concept of creating the world in which we now live and the production of a television set loosely remain the same. If we examine the essential components regarding the television, we basically have a cabinet to house the entire system. An incorporated screen and a sound system. Each complementing the other. Without these, we have nothing. Things are improved upon as necessary and added through time to enhance and improve the overall product but basically, the original concept remains the same. The same applies to our world. Everything that God created was individual, had its own purpose, but remained a collective assembly.

There was once a man employed by a large international company who one day was called to the office of the Managing Director. He entered the office tentatively wondering what was to become of him.

The Managing Director informed him that he had chosen him to undertake a special task for the benefit of the company as he had heard that the man had recently made certain suggestions at several staff meetings that sounded credible, pertinent and interesting in concept. He was also informed unofficially that the company was experiencing difficult times at present and needed radical reform. The Managing Director said: "I would like you to look at various ways in which the company and the way it operates can be improved upon as a whole. I would like you to consider every single aspect of each department, identify what needs changing and to make suggestions as to the way the effectiveness of each section can be improved. For each suggestion that you make, I require a detailed report to accompany it so that I can see at a glance whether it is worth implementing or not. If you achieve this successfully, you will be promoted to an executive position within the company and receive a handsome bonus for your efforts." The man returned to his office perplexed by the task which had been set and wondering to himself how he was going to tackle it. He decided that the only way forward was to look at things in a different light and create audacious ideas which had never before been considered by the company, in the hope that this would achieve the necessary result.

After several weeks of research, the employee came up with the solution that rather than try to completely alter or replace what already existed, it would be far more beneficial to introduce ideas to supplement them. In effect, to look at the blank spaces on a sheet of paper and decipher what result would be achieved if used as a combination with those sections which had already been written on. He believed that if this new direction was adopted, one that achieved compatibility with what already existed, it could create an overall enhancement and effectiveness that would not be surpassed.

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