Summary: Description of sermon that would be given by the last man alive during the flood of Noah.

∙ After All The Mocking, Sinning, Violence, There Was a Flood (Judgment)

∙ as it Was in The Days of Noah

∙ it Was The First Time it Ever Rained. For The First Few Hours There Was Probably Wonderment.

∙ People Had Never Heard Rain Drops Before.

∙ What Is That? That’s What Noah Talked About.

∙ What Is That Rain, Thunder?

∙ Waters Began to Rise, it Began to Get Dark And Clouds Moved in

∙ What’s Happening Here?

∙ Mankind Probably Had Several Days of Drunkenness After Rain Began. People Get Used to Rain, Sin, Judgment.

∙ After About 2 Days, They Said Let’s Go on With Wedding Plans, Eat, Drink And Be Merry.

∙ Waters Reached Flood Stage And Houses in Valleys Were Swept Away

∙ Bewildered Valley Dwellers Grabbed Possessions And Headed For Higher Ground.

∙ People Were Dying in The Valley

∙ Graves Began to Give up Their Dead as Soil Corroded And Ground Was Loosened, Corpses Rose to Surface — Like Mississippi Floods in 1993 as Caskets Floated Down Mississippi River

∙ The Daughter You Buried Now Floated Past You

∙ The Noise of Revelry And Partying Was No Longer Heard Throughout The Land.

∙ Hills Became Crowded

∙ Fear And Panic Was on Every Face

∙ You Could Probably Still Hear an Occasional Money Grubbing Person Saying “Bread For Sale” Not Even Noticing The Judgment Around Them. People Are Out of Food. Still Somebody Making a Buck, Taking Advantage of Famine

∙ Fear Gripped The Heart. Houses on Hills Were Crowded to Capacity With Families And Unfamiliar Faces Were Shooed Away Like Mosquitos on a Hot Day.

∙ Moans And Groans of Bereaved Fill Air — Child Drowned, Elderly Man Snatched Away by Deluge

∙ The Waters Rose

∙ it Had to Rain For 40 Days — God Was Wiping Out Mankind And He Knew They Could Survive For a Week or Two, They Could Make Boats, But He Was Going to Kill Them All — Judgment of God

∙ Waters Continue to Rise — at First People Were Talking About Who Had Died, But Now it Was No Longer News -- People Were Perishing — Everyone Had Lost Someone.

∙ No One Was Talking News, Business, Who’s Who, Social Scene, Success, Economics, There Were Only Two Words on Everyone’s Lips — Noah & Ark

∙ at Base of Boat Could Be Seen Hundreds of Desperate Souls Pounding With Bloody Fists— I’m Sorry Noah, It’s Me Joseph From Carpenter’s Shop, Let Me In, I Mocked You But it Was All in Good Fun, We Didn’t Mean Anything — Let My Wife In, Noah

∙ Claw Marks Are Seen on Side of Boat as People Try Claw, Cut Their Way Into The Door That God Shut

∙ When The Lord Returns Christian Bookstores Will Be Packed as People Try to Find Out If There Is Still Hope

∙ Thousands of Corpses Are Floating on Water And Their Stench of Rotting Flesh Filled The Air

∙ Scavenger Birds Are Seen Picking Flesh of Children

∙ Weak And Helpless Were First to Die

∙ it Is Now Survival of The Fittest as Land Becomes Scarce And People Will Do Anything to Survive Another Day

∙ Life Becomes Sacred — 30 Days Into Flood, People Will Do Anything to Stay Alive — Panic in The Land.

∙ Murder Marauded Land as People Would Kill Brother, Eat Daughter, Anything to Live

∙ Hills Fill up — Fights Broke Out, People Would Kill or Be Killed

∙ Small Boat Floating by Over Capacity, Water Six Inches From Rim And Frantic Family Bails Out Rain Water And With Same Buckets Smashing Bloody Hands of Those That Grab Hold of Boat

∙ The Water Began to Rise

∙ Take You to a Place That Existed in That Day — The Summit of The Last Hill

∙ The Sermon From The Last Summit

∙ There Was a Place Where The Last Man Was Alive

∙ He Had Seen His Family And Friends Die

∙ He Kept Climbing Higher And Higher “Thinking The Waters Will Never Come This High”

∙ Now He Sees Water as Far as Eye Can See And He Has Climbed up to Top of Branches of Highest Tree And He Sees The Waters Rising up Trunk of Tree

∙ If I Could March Him to The Church Tonight What Would He Say

∙ You Would Listen to Him

∙ I Have Come Tonight to Warn You, I Represent The Last Man Alive on The Face of The Earth

∙ Things Are Not as They Seem

∙ There Is a Way Which Seems Right to a Man, But The End Thereof Are The Ways of Death

∙ I Had it All, My House, My Acreage, My Horses, Everything a Man Wanted. Things Aren’t as They Seem

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