Summary: An outline of Matthew Chapter 7 looking at judging others, prayer, eternity, false teachers, the kingdom of heaven, and building your life.

Sermon On The Mount

Matthew 7

I. How To Judge Others (7:1-6)

A. What goes around comes around (7:1-2)

1. Judge Not (1)

2. Measured to you again (2)

B. Look at yourself first (7:3-6)

1. The little things in the lives of others (3-5)

2. The big things in your life (3-5)

3. Know the difference between holy and unholy (6)

II. How To Pray For Results (7:7-12)

A. Asking receives (7-11)

B. Seeking finds (7-11)

C. Knocking opens doors (7-11)

D. Do unto others (7:12)

III. How To See Eternity (7:13-14)

A. The wide gate and broad way (13)

B. The straight and narrow way (13-14)

IV. How To Spot False Teachers (7:15-20)

A. Beware of false prophets (15)

1. Sheep’s clothing (15)

2. Ravening wolves (15)

B. Ye shall know them by their fruits (16-20)

1. Good fruits

2. Evil fruit

V. How To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven (7:21-23)

A. Not by works (22)

B. By knowing God (23)

VI. How To Build Your House (Or Life) (7:24-29)

A. The wise man and the right foundation (24-25)

B. The foolish man and the wrong foundation (26-27)

C. The results from the one having authority (28-29)

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