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  • Thank God For Wisdom Series

    Contributed by Jon Daniels on Aug 28, 2007
    based on 21 ratings

    This message is included in a series from the book of Job.

    “THANK GOD FOR WISDOM” Job 28:12-28 INTRO – T’giving week – so many things that we can and will give thanks for in our lives – health, families, friends, church – Community T’giving service There was once a man who was pursued by a roaring hungry lion. As that lion was sprinting after him, he ...read more

  • God Restores Series

    Contributed by Jon Daniels on Aug 28, 2007
    based on 15 ratings

    This message is included in a series from the book of Job.

    “GOD RESTORES” Job 28:1-17 INTRO – “This Old House” – TV show that features the renovation and restoration. Bob Vila was host for many of the 25 years that it has been on TV. They’ve worked on every type of house imaginable – modern style, 1849 Greek revival farmhouse, 1928 brick Tudor, 1865 ...read more

  • Introducing Job, A Man Loved And Admired By God. Series

    Contributed by William Huegel on Jan 27, 2006
    based on 19 ratings

    Today, I’m beginning a series of sermons from the book of Job. Suffering and pain is what the book of Job is all about. If you have ever gone through anguish and pain of a sudden and tragic loss you may know something of which this book of Job speaks.

    “Introducing Job, a Man Loved and Admired by God.” Job 1: 1:1-5, 13-22 Rev. Wm. A. Huegel Wallingford FBC Jan. 8, 2006 Introduction to the sermon: During the recent tragedy in West Virginia in which 11 coal miners were killed following an explosion in the mine, a woman, ...read more

  • Its About Faith?

    Contributed by Tony Grant on Oct 3, 2005
    based on 15 ratings

    The book of Job is about a hero who endured an astonishing test of faith.

    It’s about Faith? Job 1:9-11 07/31/05 2412 words I invite you to turn in your Bibles to the book of Job, chapter 1 and follow along as I read verses 9-11. 9 Then Satan answered the LORD, "Does Job fear God for nothing? 10 Have you not put a fence around him and his house and all that he ...read more

  • Who Are You Going To Listen To? Series

    Contributed by Jon Daniels on Aug 28, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    This message is included in a series of 4 messages from the book of Job.

    “WHO ARE YOU GOING TO LISTEN TO?” Job 8:1-7 INTRO – Ever gotten to the place in your life where you wonder, “Does my life really matter? What does it all really mean? All this energy and effort in studying, working, serving – is it really necessary? Is it making a difference?” We’ll all ...read more

  • Stuff Happens Series

    Contributed by Denn Guptill on Apr 26, 2004
    based on 64 ratings

    What lessons do we learn from the book of Job?

  • With Only A Potsherd

    Contributed by Roddy Chestnut on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 38 ratings

    Thesis: Will man remain faithful to God even though he gets nothing in return? Intro.: 1. Illust. It's easy to blame God. Sometimes we think of God as the author of everything that goes wrong in our lives. A man was once having one of those days when everything goes wrong. One thing after ...read more

  • When Pain Becomes Personal - Job Chapter Two Series

    Contributed by Tom Shepard on Mar 6, 2007
    based on 44 ratings

    This is a study into Job chapter two.

    Jewels From Job Job – Chapter #2 1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord. 2 And the Lord said to Satan, "From where do you come?" So Satan answered the Lord and said, "From going ...read more

  • In God We Trust

    Contributed by Dana Chau on Jul 21, 2002
    based on 57 ratings

    Discover two ways trust in God sustain you when bad things happen

    A few weeks ago, my wife made some blueberry Jello. When she took a bite of that blue Jello, she said that it brought back a strange but good feeling from the past. She couldn’t recall the event, only the feeling. A song that is associated with an event in your past, when heard in the present, ...read more

  • "God's Voice Is In The Storm"

    Contributed by Ken Harris on Oct 18, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    The purpose of this sermon is to encourage the hearers to TRUST God at all time regardless of the circumstances.

    18 October 2009 Pentecost Sunday U.S. Army Chaplain (MAJ) Ken Harris 504th Compound’s Multi-Purpose Facility Contingency Operation Base (C.O.B.) Adder Tallil, Iraq BIG IDEA: Regardless of the circumstances in our lives, we need to TRUST God at all times. REFERENCES: Jonah (ESV); Job ...read more

  • Are Good People Exempt From Suffering? Series

    Contributed by Ricky Burke on Dec 25, 2000
    based on 200 ratings

    This is the first sermon in a series entitled, "When Life Takes a Turn for the Worse"

    We are beginning a new series this morning based on the book of Job. Even though the book of Job is probably the oldest book in the Bible, it is still very relevant for today. In fact, it will always be relevant as long as there is suffering in the world. You see, this book tackles one of life’s ...read more

  • Four Opinions Of Job

    Contributed by Joseph Wallis on Jan 23, 2002
    based on 135 ratings

    Sermon on Job and what God, Satan , Job’s wife and Job thought of job

    FOUR OPINIONS OF JOB TEXT - Job 1:6 - 2:10 INTRO. - We want to look this hour at the Book of Job. It is regarded as the oldest book in the Bible, written before Genesis was written by Moses. The Book of Job superbly answers in part the question, "Why do the godly suffer?". We will see a ...read more

  • Our Redeemer Lives

    Contributed by Pr. Lynell Aljoe-Thurman on Nov 9, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    Job Suffered and he understood that God was mighty and powerful. Job knew his Redeemer lived!

    Prayer Let us Pray: Merciful Creator, we humbly come before you to seek your directions in our lives. Helps us to live holy lives that are acceptable to you. God you never disappoint us and we are thankful for this and other blessing that we have received from you. None of these blessings are ...read more

  • Being In The House

    Contributed by Agnes Watson on Jan 7, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    This sermon was written to encourage those of us who think we havelost everything, to trust God for everything...seen and unseen.

    Job 1: 20-22 20. Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped, 21. And said, “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the ...read more

  • Questions We Have For God In The Attack On America

    Contributed by Andrew Chan on Sep 14, 2001
    based on 217 ratings

    Dealing with questions in time of mourning and loss with the help of the book Job.

    Questions we have for God in the Attack on America Job 1:1-2:13 sept 16, 2001 At 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning September 11th, our world changed. America under terrorist attack in a way that is ushering the US into the 1st war of the 21st century. Just as things have never been the same since ...read more