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  • If Hell Exists...

    Contributed by Rusty Tardo on Dec 8, 2008

    This is perhaps the most unpopular subject in the whole Bible. It is so unpopular, many ministers avoid the subject. But if Hell exists, shouldn’t we sound a warning?

    If Hell Exists M-1093 / 13 July 2008 Dr. Russell K. Tardo The Bible’s Most Unpopular Topic The text today is from Luke, chapter 16, and I’ll be speaking about the most unpopular subject in the Bible. Several topics probably come to mind -- trials, suffering, holiness, or the more

  • The Existence Of God

    Contributed by Chris Hodges on Jul 30, 2003
    based on 47 ratings

    To prove that God exists; therefore, man must obey Him.

    The Existence of God Text: Genesis 1.1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Thesis: To prove that God exists; therefore, man must obey Him. Introduction: (1) In today’s world, humanistic theories such as evolution have caused many people to doubt the validity of more

  • He Exists!

    Contributed by Michael Westacott on Sep 28, 2002
    based on 115 ratings

    This sermon is based on my outline "Is there really a God?" which presents 8 arguments for God’s existence.

    Throughout the centuries mankind has always had some innate sense that there is a divine being. Today, scientists, philosophers and other academics discuss, debate and ponder over his existence. Is there really a God? Today we are going to look at the evidence that God does in fact exist. 1. THE more

  • We Exist For Him And Them

    Contributed by Jeremy Houck on Oct 2, 2005
    based on 3 ratings

    We as a church exist for the sole purpose of Praiseing God and welcoming the lost.

    We Exist For Him and Them 1 Corinthians 14:22-25 I think that we need to talk about some stuff tonight that we really can’t comfortably talk about on Sunday mornings. It’s family business stuff, and when you have guests over to your house, you don’t talk about family issues. You try to keep more

  • Are You Living Or Existing?

    Contributed by Blake Inscore on Sep 25, 2008
    based on 11 ratings

    Why does it seem that sometime we are just existing instead living for Jesus? That is our theme in this message.

    Introduction: I’d like to begin this morning by asking you a question. Are you living or existing? It seems that many times in our lives we are merely existing instead really living life for what its worth. We get up, go to work or school, or we begin our daily routine, whatever it may be more

  • Christ Is The Explanation Of Existence Series

    Contributed by James Tilley on Dec 10, 2009
    based on 2 ratings

    This is an exposition of Philippians 1.21-26.

    Christ is the Explanation of Existence Or “Do you have a good reason for living?” Text: Phil 1.21-26. Introduction: 1. The questions of existence: Questions of origin, Questions of purpose, and questions of destiny. Or to put it more popularly: Who am I? Why am I here? Is this all more

  • Are You Living Or Existing

    Contributed by Darrin Fish on Oct 3, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    For those of us who have already given our hearts to Jesus, We must ask ourselves Are we truly allowing Him to be the Lord of our daily lives.

    Are you living or existing? It seems like a lot of times in our lives We are simply existing instead really living life for all its worth. We get up, go to work or school, or we begin our daily routine, Whatever it may be and we simply go through the motions. One day seems to blend into more

  • The Existence Of False Teaching Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Jun 14, 2010
    based on 9 ratings

    In this sermon, we learn about the existence of false teaching.

    Scripture The Letter of Jude deals with the subject of false teaching, which is the greatest danger to the Church of Jesus Christ today. As we study Jude 14-19 today, we will see how Jude acknowledges the existence of false teaching. Let’s read Jude 14-19: 14 It was also about these more

  • The Church Exists To Evangelize Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Jun 19, 2010
    based on 3 ratings

    It is essential that we prepare ourselves for evangelization by studying the teachings of the Church.

    Monday June 21 2001 St Aloysius Gonzaga You Will Be My Witnesses The people of Israel were called out of the desert and planted in the Holy Land to be a light to the nations. It was their vocation to draw pagans to true worship of the true God. Instead, they imitated the pagan worship of more

  • Does God Exists? Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Oct 12, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    This message offers evidence for the existence of God through the arguments of Movement, Minute Design, Morality, Miracles and My Life.

    DOES GOD EXIST? Imagine a family of mice who lived all their lives in a large piano. To them in their piano-world came the music of the instrument, filling all the dark spaces with sound and harmony. At first the mice were impressed by it. They drew comfort and wonder from the thought that there more

  • Why Does The Church Exist?

    Contributed by Jose R. Hernandez on Apr 9, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    Let us remember that as the church, God has put us in charge of something extremely important. God has put us in charge of witnessing for Christ in all places and at all times.

    One of the realities about the church of today is that there are a large number of believers that are very confused. I am not speaking about the false doctrines and sects; I am speaking about the confusion that there is reference the purpose of the church. I say this because when we ask a more

  • Why Does Evil Exist? Series

    Contributed by Jason Cole on May 7, 2007
    based on 24 ratings

    As tragedies continue to strike many want to know why does evil exist? Why does a good God allow evil to take place?

    Questions For God: Why Does Evil Exist? Introduction: It has almost been two week since a gunman killed 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech, many people were appalled at what took place, and if you are anything like me you were left wondering, why is there so much evil in the world? We more

  • God's Witness Of His Existence

    Contributed by Bruce Allen on May 18, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    Does God exist? Considering nearly 10% of Americans do not believe in God - perhaps we need to understand His witness of His existence in order to answer their queries - 1 Peter 3:15.

    God’s Witness of His Existence Psalm 19:1-14 1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. 2 Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. 3 There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. 4 Their line has gone out through more

  • ¿existe La Felicidad?

    Contributed by Jenily Silva on Jul 24, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    Todos anhelamos la felicidad, pero sólo pocos la poseen. La búsqueda de ella es universal y eterna. Para la mayoría de las personas la felicidad es escurridiza. Y para empeorar aún más esta creencia, muchos cristianos piensan que lo sagrado y la feli

    ¿Existe la Felicidad? Muchos la buscan pocos la encuentran Todos anhelamos la felicidad, pero sólo pocos la poseen. La búsqueda de ella es universal y eterna. Para la mayoría de las personas la felicidad es escurridiza. Y para empeorar aún más esta creencia, muchos cristianos piensan more

  • God - Do You Exist Series

    Contributed by Alan Mccann on Jan 29, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    Is Jesus really God?

    Questions I would ask God Prove you exist! John 10.22-39 In 2007 Richard Dawkins produced a best seller ‘The God Delusion’ in which he sought to prove that God did not exist and that those who believed in God were some how deluded. You know, I suspect, as many Christians bought his book as more