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  • "The Heart Of The Matter"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Feb 23, 2011
    based on 3 ratings

    A sermon about not allowing money and stuff control you.

    Matthew 6:19-21, 24-34 “The Heart of the Matter” By: Ken Sauer, Pastor of East Ridge United Methodist Church, Chattanoga, TN In his book How Much Is Enough? Hungering For God In An Affluent Culture author and Founder of Bread for the World: Arthur Simon more

  • Your Money Or Your Life

    Contributed by Tom Tarpley on Mar 8, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    Why we need to make a choice.

    Jesus says in Matthew 12:30 “whoever is not with me is against me.” That means if we want to be a disciple of Jesus we have to make a choice. No more middle of the road faith. We have to decide we want to be on Jesus’ team and choose up sides or we may as well join the more

  • Jesus Be The Manager Of My Life

    Contributed by Donnie De Loney on Mar 16, 2011
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon deals with handling of our monies and time

    “Jesus, be the MANAGER of my LIFE!” 1. EARN AN HONEST LIVING. The principle of WORK. 2Thessalonians 3:6 “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we appeal to people – no, we command them: settle down and get to work. Earn your own more

  • The Tests Of Provety & Prosperity Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Aug 10, 2009
    based on 10 ratings

    Tests are common to life. Having discussed the testings of faith & the resources needed to meet them, he now introduces two of the most common examples of testing: the test of poverty & the test of prosperity.

    JAMES 1:9-11 THE TESTS OF POVERTY AND PROSPERITY [Luke 16: 20-31] Tests are common to life. James having discussed the testings of faith (2-4) and the resources needed to meet them (5-8) now introduces two of the most common examples of testing: the test of poverty (1:9) and the test of more

  • The Facts Concerning Our First Fruits

    Contributed by Dr. Scott Caudill on Apr 18, 2002
    based on 166 ratings

    Are you giving God your very best? Let’s consider the facts concerning our first fruits.

    FACTS CONCERNING OUR FIRSTFRUITS Proverbs 3:7-10 As you study your Bible you’ll find that the book of Proverbs is in a section of the Bible knows as, “Wisdom Literature”. The other books that would be included in the section would be the book of Job, the Psalms, the book of Ecclesiastes more

  • The Two Most Sacred Words In The American Religion Of Materialism Series

    Contributed by Jim Butcher on Jan 16, 2001
    based on 199 ratings

    Evaluation of our desire to "Charge it!" and God’s instruction toward choosing contentment.

    Introduction: In the American religion of materialism, there are two words more sacred than any other: "Charge it!" - Yet, consider the following two scenarios in evaluating the intelligence of using plastic: 1. Ellin is 30 years old. She has a $3,500 balance on her Citibank credit card more

  • Money, Relationship, And God: The Interface Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Mar 12, 2003
    based on 52 ratings

    Whether we are talking about spiritual status symbols or social status symbols, Christ destroys all tokenism and says it is substance—who we are underneath it all—that matters to God. Christ shatters all attempts at achieving status through wealth with t

    Money, Relationships, and God: The Interface (Luke 16;1-31) An angel appeared at a faculty meeting and told the dean that in return for his unselfish service, he will be rewarded with his choice of wealth, wisdom, or beauty. Without hesitating, the dean selects wisdom. "It is done!" the more

  • Show Me The Money! Series

    Contributed by Mike Gilbert on Jun 14, 2008
    based on 7 ratings

    A look at Biblical stewardship

    *Intro>There are three impassioned phrases that have entered our common culture from movies starring Tom Cruise. ---In 1993, in “The Firm,” Cruise’s character desperately seeks to be received and forgiven by his wife for some indiscretions on his part, offering his tearful and impassioned apology more

  • If God Owns It All, What Am I Doing With It? Series

    Contributed by John Maxwell on Jun 27, 2008
    based on 65 ratings

    God owns everything. He just asked me to manage it. God owns it, I manage it. He gives me things of which He requires of me, and this is where my responsibility comes in to do the best job of managing that I possibly can.

    STEWARDSHIP: THE MISSING PIECE TO SUCCESSFUL LIVING If God Owns It All, What Am I Doing With It? Matthew 25 Dr. John Maxwell INTRODUCTION: In your sermon section this morning, we continue our theme on “Stewardship: The Missing Piece to Successful Living.” Two weeks ago, we talked more

  • Beauty And The Beast Pt.3 Series

    Contributed by Mark Perryman on Apr 19, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    The 3rd fairy tale we will look at: "Possessions are powerless."

    INTRO: Thought: How many possessions does a man need? Tolstoy writes a story about a man who lived in Russia who worked for and finally accumulated 1300 acres. His passion was to accumulate land. A stranger came by one day and told him about land in the East where you could have what you could more

  • Enough

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Nov 13, 2007
    based on 22 ratings

    Wealth leads us to illusions wherein we lose sight of God; poverty leads us to spiritual disease. Pray for enough to satisfy real needs and to be able to give for others.

    You don’t have to raise your hands on this one. But I do wonder how many of you spent some time this week fantasizing about that Powerball lottery. What would you have done with $250,000,000? What dreams would you have indulged? What unthinkable thoughts did you think? Well, now, I, being a more

  • Rich Little Series

    Contributed by Don Jones on Oct 4, 2007
    based on 22 ratings

    The message deals with the attitude, acquisition, and application of riches and the dangers involved.

    Rich Little James 51-6 Introduction A well-worn one dollar bill and a similarly distressed twenty dollar bill arrived at a Federal Reserve Bank to be retired. As they moved along the conveyor belt to be burned, they struck up a conversation. The twenty dollar bill more

  • The Almighty Dollar Series

    Contributed by Greg Hanson on Apr 16, 2007
    based on 16 ratings

    Five misconceptions about what money will bring to our lives, and five facts to keep money in perspective.

    Play Song – Enjoy Yourself by Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) Words & Music by Carl Sigman & Herb Magidson Recorded by Guy Lombardo, 1950 You work and work for years and years, you’re always on the go; You never take a minute off, too more

  • Dying For A Buck Series

    Contributed by Denn Guptill on Mar 26, 2007
    based on 16 ratings

    This is the Sixth in our CSI series looking at Crimes and deaths in the Bible. This week we look at what we can learn from the deaths of Ananias and Sapphira

    It’s one of those bizarre stories in the Bible that make you scratch your head and say: Huhh? The church is seeing astronomical growth, thousands of people are coming to the faith and with that come practical problems and practical solutions. The apostles are working full time to administer more

  • The Biblical Secret Of Financial Freedom Series

    Contributed by Paul Wallace on Sep 22, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    The secret to financial freedom is found in the ancient secrets of the Bible.

    The Biblical Secret for Financial Freedom Phil 4:12 Doing without Like the story I heard about a lady strolling in the park, & a little frog came hopping up to her. The frog looked up at her & said, "If you kiss me, I’ll turn into a bank president." She looked at the frog for a moment, then more