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  • Making Each Day Count--Part 1 Series

    Contributed by Blake Inscore on Oct 6, 2009
    based on 9 ratings

    This is the first part in a series of messages on practical Christian living from Psalm 119.

    MAKING EACH DAY COUNT Wisdom for Life from God’s Word PSALM 119 Part 1: LIFE Introduction: Today I want to begin a series of messages called "Making Each Day Count: Wisdom for Life from God’s Word." Our focus is on the important part that the Bible plays in being a follower of Jesus Christ. ...read more

  • Showing Partiality Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 16, 2005
    based on 8 ratings

    Favoritism...don’t say you have never done it. Thankfully God is not one to show partiality, but we may, therefore what does James have to say about it.

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING ¡§Showing Favoritism¡¨ Part 1 (James 2:1-13) Introduction: „« Favoritism¡Kwe do not struggle with this in the church today do we¡Kyea right! A. Do we actually believe that we are immune from this problem? „« This problem here and in many places might not be ...read more

  • Dealing With God's Word Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 16, 2005
    based on 2 ratings

    „« As Christians we have a guide to follow which can not be deterred¡KGod has laid out our pattern and it is our responsibility to do as God has told us

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING ¡§Dealing with God¡¦s word¡¨ (James 1:19-27) Introduction: „« As Christians we have a guide to follow which can not be deterred¡KGod has laid out our pattern and it is our responsibility to do as God has told us. „« As we consider how we as Christians are to ...read more

  • Nothing But The Truth

    Contributed by Ed Wood on May 22, 2002
    based on 65 ratings

    We desperately need balanced ministries in our churches today. This sermon is an attempt to focus on how to get a balanced ministry.

    NOTE: This sermon was taken from Warren Wiersbie’s "Be Series." I got this message from my late father’s library, and did not know his source until today --- 5-21-09. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH 2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5 INTRO: Paul had a balanced ministry. In these letters, he moves ...read more

  • Turning Trials Into Triumph Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 14, 2005
    based on 16 ratings

    We all deal with trials and tribulations each and every day, the world and Christians alike need to know the value of pressing through the tough times!

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING “Turning Trials into Triumph” (James 1:2-4) INTRO.  Have you heard: “When life hands you a lemon make lemonade”  This is much easier said than done… but the idea is sound! - it is biblical - Many bible characters have shown that with God’s help ...read more

  • Trials Of Poverty & Riches Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 16, 2005
    based on 28 ratings

    Humility is one of the great keys of an effective Christian life. James points out some important aspects of living the humble Christian life.

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING “Trials of Poverty & Riches” (James 1:9-11) Introduction:  Keeping in our context we see that wisdom to understand our trials can be a very useful thing…it can also be useful as we consider our attitude in the world  No one likes a stuck up ...read more

  • The Christian & Temptation Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 16, 2005
    based on 24 ratings

    We all struggle with temptations in differing forms. Let’s spend a few moments allowing James to share with us his appraoch to being overcomers.

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING “The Christian and Temptation” (James 1:13-18) Introduction:  Recall story of Daniel and the Lion’s den…  One of the greatest challenges of living the Christian life is trying to overcome temptations  We have it tough – (it is not easy ...read more

  • Seeking Wisdom Series

    Contributed by Shane Speck on Feb 14, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    Where do we turn when we want to know something. God encourages us from His word how we might find great wisdom within Him word.

    PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING “Seeking Wisdom” (James 1:5-8) Introduction:  WISDOM – one of the greatest possessions one can ascertain in the world…with it one can achieve great things  As we seek direction in our lives we know that with the proper wisdom in certain ...read more

  • Fallen From Grace Series

    Contributed by Carl Allen on Jul 13, 2010
    based on 5 ratings

    The world today is full of false doctrine and false teachers. Paul in his letters to church at Galatia, gives a stern warning about both.

    Fallen from Grace Gal 5: 2-12 Introduction The text before us tonight is the beginning of the third section of Paul’s letter to the church at Galatia. In the first section (Ch. 1-2) Paul defended his apostleship, in the second section (Ch. 3-4) Paul preached his message of ...read more

  • Is Your Tongue Productive Or Destructive?

    Contributed by Rick Adams on Jul 22, 2002
    based on 331 ratings

    This message focuses on controlling the big fish in the mouth called the tongue.

    It seems that lately you can’t hardly turn on the television without hearing about some new development in the moral decay of the Catholic church. More and more accusations are being hurled at priest regarding sexual misconduct. In no way shape or form am I defending what these priest allegedly ...read more

  • Compulsion Or Compassion

    Contributed by Jerry Flury on Nov 4, 2009
    based on 10 ratings

    In his letter to Philemon, Paul strikes to the heart of true discipleship addressing what ought to be the motive for all of our actions as believers. Compassion not compulsion should to be the rule of faith that governs our decisions and actions.

    Compulsion or Compassion Philemon 1:1-25 Introduction: Though one of the smallest books in the Bible, Philemon holds a treasure trove of spiritual instruction in practical Christian living. In his letter to Philemon, Paul strikes to the heart of true discipleship as he addresses what ought to ...read more

  • Where Is God In Your Life

    Contributed by Mark Engler on Apr 21, 2002
    based on 73 ratings

    We all live our lives in bubbles. Our goal should be to have God in the center of our bubble. Where is God in your bubble?

    Mark Engler Leonard Christian Church Leonard Missouri Where is God in your life? INTRO: In camp last summer I taught a class. The class I taught was for the Jr. High week 1, and the class was to be on Practical Christian Living. Practical Christian Living is something that we should have ...read more

  • Just What Would Jesus Do?

    Contributed by Michael Hand on May 26, 2002
    based on 14 ratings

    Look at examples about Jesus from the Gospels on how we can live up to the popular phrase "What would Jesus do?".

    Just What Would Jesus Do? “W”, “W”, “J”, “D”. (repeat the letters twice). Most of you know, that that stands for “What Would Jesus Do”. A phrase that has been quite popular for some time now. Four simple words in an expression that has meant much to most, or has it? Not to many months ...read more

  • Living A God-Pleasing Life Series

    Contributed by Douglas Bryan on Aug 8, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    This is the 2nd in a series of messages on Colossians called "Jesus Christ is Lord: Seriously." If Jesus Christ is really the Lord of our lives then we will live a God-pleasing life.

    JESUS CHRIST IS LORD: SERIOUSLY! Living a God-Pleasing Life Colossians 1:9-14 (Some of the information in this sermon was gleaned from other sermons found on Sermoncentral.) INTRODUCTION: It’s good have to have Jerry and Debra Snavely and their family with us today, as well as a group ...read more

  • I Have A Dream

    Contributed by Terry Costaris on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 3 ratings

    Please Review the Texts of James 1:2-13 and 1 Samuel 16: 1,4-7 before reading the Pastorís Sermon. James 2:1-13 1 My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, donít show favoritism. 2 Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in ...read more