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  • The Faith Of Abraham

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Oct 11, 2013
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    Faith sees beyond the perplexities and difficulties of the present situation.

    THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM. Genesis 22:1-19. Sometimes in our Christian lives we are challenged to surrender to God that which we hold most dear, that upon which we set our hopes, even that which God has given to us as a gift. God promised Abraham a son, but the patriarch’s wife Sarah was barren. So more

  • ‘groans For Our Future Glory' Series

    Contributed by Aubrey Vaughan on Jul 10, 2008
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    This sermons looks at the present situation in creation and in the believer and the one that is to come.

  • No Night In The City

    Contributed by Bright Adeyeye on Mar 2, 2020
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    No matter the present situation you're in, light will surely prevail over darkness. Joy will come in the morning.

    NO NIGHT IN THE CITY "God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day." Genesis 1:5. God not only creates the brightness of day, He also creates the darkness of night. So whatever appears like a night today is just before more

  • God Is Not In A Hurry

    Contributed by Bala Samson on Mar 12, 2018

    We look at the present situation and want instant noodles, but God is waiting to give you greater blessings! Glory to Jesus!

    God is not in a hurry 1 King 6:1 “Now it came about in the four hundred and eightieth year after the sons of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the more

  • The World Versus Covid-19 Series

    Contributed by Pamela Moore on Jun 6, 2020

    It is time to seek the Lord. The present situation in the world, is a Strange one. God is aware of what the enemy is doing but we, Chistians, are the ones to put an end to it.

    THE WORLD VERSUS COVID-19 It is clear that the world is facing an unseen enemy whose scientific name is The Corona virus; otherwise known as COVID-19; the invisible enemy. I would like to share with you, what God is ministering to me at this moment, through the events of these days. COVID-19, is a more

  • A Harvest Of Joy

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Nov 13, 2013
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    Stand amazed at the infinite mercy of God!

    A HARVEST OF JOY. Psalm 126. The common heading within this group of fifteen Psalms (Psalms 120-134) is “A Song of degrees” - a reference, some believe, to the miracle of the sun going back by ten degrees as a pledge to King Hezekiah that the LORD would extend his life by fifteen years (Isaiah more

  • The Faith Of The Centurion Series

    Contributed by Shine Thomas on Feb 2, 2009
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    Look at our circumstances through the eyes of faith as says faith can move mountains. Faith is not based on our present situation but it looks forward to the future. A look at the Centurition’s Faith.

    Title: The faith of the centurion Series: Miracles of Jesus Scripture: Luke 7:1-10 Introduction: God expects his children be people of extraordinary faith. He wants us to look at our circumstances through the eyes of faith. The Bible says faith can move mountains. How is your faith now? more

  • When Good Advice Goes Wrong

    Contributed by Gerald Steffy on Aug 19, 2009
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    The advice that comforts may be right advice with proper theology in some situations but bad advice for each person’s situation since it does not meet the need of the present situation.

    WHEN RIGHT ADVICE GOES WRONG Job 4:1-9, 17-21 et al Proposition: The advice that comforts may be right advice with proper theology in some situations but bad advice for each person’s situation since it does not meet the need of the present situation. Objective: My objective is to more

  • City Of Nineveh Series

    Contributed by Rev. Andrew B Natarajan on Oct 1, 2018

    This sermon is explaining about the present situations of our places of residences. We have problems, we have terrors but Still we can bring changes if we commit to God's plan in prayer.

    Nahum 3 City of Nineveh and our Present City 1. Pitiable State of the City of Nineveh (1-7) Prophet Nahum was capable of writing most graphic poetry in the whole of the OT. Nineveh: It was founded by Nimrud in Assyria (Genesis10:11). It was a village during 5th Millennium BC. It lay on the east more

  • The Futility Of Human Efforts Without God

    Contributed by Rev. Roberto D. Abella on Oct 24, 2004
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    At this present situation families are openly in trouble and others were broken. How can we solve this problem and make it a strong family? And how can we receive the blessing from God?

    “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” OUTLINE I) THE FAMILY SUCCESS WILL BE FOUND IN GOD (v.1a). How to became successful in building family? a. by seeking GOD’S direction b. by depending more

  • The Journey To Restoration

    Contributed by Otis Mcmillan on Jun 15, 2020
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    The journey to restoration begins with an acknowledgement of your present situation. Have you come to yourself yet? Then acknowledge your return is based on the goodness and mercy for a loving Father, not a repentant speech of a son.

  • The Power Of Forgiveness In Kingdom Living Series

    Contributed by James Snyder on May 6, 2013

    Daily forgiveness frees me from the spiritual debris cluttering my life and prohibiting me from clearly seen Christ in my present situation and living in his power.

    A brother comes up to me and mentions the fact that my brakes are making a noise and I probably need to get new brake pads. A few days later he pointed out that my front wheel rotors were badly worn and needed to be replaced. What is the proper response to such criticism? “You should not more

  • Scripture And Suicide Series

    Contributed by Glenn Pease on Apr 9, 2021

    Suicide is almost always folly in our culture, for it is basically just a means of escape. It is usually based on ignorance of the future. People think their present situation is permanent, and they cannot stand to think of living with their present burden for the rest of their lives.

  • Everything New

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Jul 21, 2018
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    The study contrasts Heaven with our present situation. What can we expect in Heaven? For many of us, we need to change our perception of what shall be.

    “I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, more

  • The Choice Of God Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Mar 19, 2012
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    The present situation of rejection by Abraham's physical seed reproduces a pattern of divine action which has been unfolded often enough in the past. Through God's choice of Isaac but not his brother Ishmael, & Jacob instead of his older brother Esau, Go

    ROMANS 9: 6-13 THE CHOICE OF GOD [Genesis 18:9-19] If the Jews have rejected and crucified Jesus, the Son of God, does that mean God's purposes were frustrated and His plan defeated? Paul provides an argument from ancient biblical history to prove otherwise. The present situation of more