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  • Real Wisdom

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Feb 14, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    Real Wisdom 1) Comes from the Spirit 2) Concentrates on Christ 3) Culminates in glory

    There’s a new education program in town aimed at miniature-sized geniuses. Sturgeon Heights School is now offering a pre-kindergarten class modeled after an Italian educational philosophy that encourages “motivated” students to collaborate in their learning. I’m not sure ...read more

  • Real Wisdom

    Contributed by Jimmy Gear on Jul 6, 2001
    based on 16 ratings

    James speaks about finding the secret to true wisdom.

  • The Church Fully Equipped With Real Wisdom

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Feb 12, 2017

    Real wisdom comes from the Spirit, it concentrates on Christ, and it culminates in glory.

    Who is the smartest person you know? A teacher who can spit out just about any math formula known to mankind? A mentor at your workplace who consistently makes decisions that benefit the company? A family member whose common sense has gotten you and others out of many tight spots? It is a blessing ...read more

  • Why Should We Not Also Enter Into Joy? Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Aug 30, 2014

    Joy is found in following Jesus even though we know we are sinners.

    Thursday of 21st Week in Course Evangelii Gaudium The wisdom of the world that St. Paul is putting down today is foolishness to God. Listen to the advice shows. By and large, they try to help people advance in life by making more money, or gaining more popularity, or both. But these thoughts ...read more

  • "Wise Guys Finish First"

    Contributed by David Henderson on Sep 11, 2013

    Today we get to the topic of wisdom. And of all the topics he has discussed, wisdom could be the most important stimulus for spiritual growth. In other words if you plan to grow in the faith it will not happen if you do not first get wisdom.

    Wise guys finish First” James 3:13-18 If you had the chance to ask for whatever you wanted, what would it be? The OT gives us the story of a man named Solomon. We find the record that Solomon showed his love for God by walking according to God’s law. God rewarded him by coming to ...read more

  • Living Wisely

    Contributed by Dan Santiago on Oct 17, 2013

    Christians are expected to know how to live wisely.

  • Wisdom, Wisdom, Everywhere

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Dec 6, 2013
    based on 1 rating

    Is there any value to using worldly wisdom to present the gospel to the unbeliever?

  • The Difference Of Knowledge And Wisdom Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Mar 16, 2016

    A study of the book of Job 12: 1 – 25

    Job 12: 1 – 25 The Difference Of Knowledge And Wisdom 1 Then Job answered and said: 2 “No doubt you are the people, and wisdom will die with you! 3 But I have understanding as well as you; I am not inferior to you. Indeed, who does not know such things as these? 4 “I am one ...read more

  • Lesson 12: Don't Panic Part 1 - Marriage & Divorce Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Dec 6, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    There are many misunderstandings about Paul's words on marriage and divorce. Looking at them in the context of the situation they were written in, and context of our purpose as redeemed humans offers us some real wisdom.

    Beginning in chapter 7, Paul begins to address specific questions the Corinthians had sent him regarding marriage, eating meat sacrificed to idols, worship, the Lord's supper and the resurrection. First he addresses a question about marriage. If you look at the chapter as a whole the context might ...read more

  • The Foolish Wisdom Of God

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Apr 21, 2003
    based on 86 ratings

    At first blush, God’s wisdom seems so elementary, so foolish even. We as humans love to debate and create big complicated philosophies. Instead, the Apostle Paul shows us how to simplify our understanding to know the REAL wisdom of God.

    For an audio copy of this message, go to: LivingWatersWeb.com If I asked you to name some great speakers – who comes to mind? Oddly, when I thought about it, the first person who came to my mind was Oliver North. Remember Ollie North? He was the guy who helped mastermind the sale Iran/contra ...read more

  • How Wise Are You? Series

    Contributed by John Hamby on Aug 29, 2005
    based on 76 ratings

    Seventh in a series on the book of James. Deals with the nature of true wisdom.

    A STUDY OF THE BOOK OF JAMES Sermon # 7 “HOW WISE ARE YOU?” James 3:13-18 We have at our disposal today more knowledge than at any time in history. More information has been produced in the last thirty years than in the ...read more

  • How Wise Are You?

    Contributed by Donnie De Loney on May 24, 2012

    Our World has plenty of Knowledge and Education but it doesn't necessarily bring along much wisdom. Some times wisdomk can be learned from from the fairly uneducated. Take children for example:

    “HOW WISE ARE YOU?” James 3:13-18 We have at our disposal today more knowledge than at any time in history. More information has been produced in the last ...read more

  • Get Wisdom Series

    Contributed by Sherm Nichols on Nov 16, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    from a series on the life of Solomon. A book sermon, from the Proverbs, about the importance of wisdom in life.

    Proverbs Intro: (used a powerpoint of these choices. Best to put them all up before asking people to choose one) OK. Time for an audience participation quiz this morning. Each question is a multiple choice. Let’s say, if you had to pick one of these 4 answers, which one would it ...read more

  • Wisdoms Work: Maturity Series

    Contributed by Billy Ricks on Aug 22, 2012

    Paul gives a roadmap to maturity. God's desire and goal that is revealed throughout the New Testament is maturity. Maturity is likeness to Jesus Christ. We as the church need to ask is wisdom working are we becoming more like Jesus.

    Intro: What signs are the Corinthians showing? Division, arrogance, an extreme focus on what they can do? They are immature believers. Paul desires that they will grow and mature. God also wants us to grow and mature and the way that happens is God’s wisdom and the working of His Holy ...read more

  • Planning Your Departure

    Contributed by John Perry on Jul 24, 2011

    A young man who was dropped into the Alaskan wilderness with supplies, film, firearms & ammunition to photograph the wilderness forgot one important detail of his trip ....

    Bunbury Wed pm 20/07/11 “Planning your departure” Intro: *** A young man set out on the adventure of a lifetime & tragically became stranded & died in the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness. His adventure began in the spring of 1981, when he was flown into the desolate ...read more