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  • The Reckoning Series

    Contributed by Dustin T Parker on Sep 2, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    Reckoned Righteous

    The Reckoning Gal 2:15-21, 3:10-14 June 17th – Father’s Day † In His Name † 3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, 4 who gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, 5 to whom be the glory forever more

  • The Day Of Reckoning Series

    Contributed by Brad Bailey on Jun 18, 2014

    We’re continuing in our series entitled “AfterLife”… where we’ve looked at the reality of life after death… of eternity with God.

    The Day of Reckoning Series: AfterLife Brad Bailey – May 18, 2014 We’re continuing in our series entitled “AfterLife”… where we’ve looked at the reality of life after death… of eternity with God. Over the past two weeks we heard what God reveals about a more

  • Blights To Be Reckoned With Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Oct 3, 2016

    Our personal struggles and weaknesses have great bearing upon our relationships. We all have blights that plague us, and today we are going to look at three of them.

    Blights to Be Reckoned With (Ecclesiastes 11:4, 9:18, 9:11b) 1. UPI recently ran an article about a man and his trash: “NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A man has promised to wear a clear plastic suit containing every piece of garbage he produces for 30 days. A film crew will follow Rob more

  • The Day Of Reckoning Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Aug 28, 2017
    based on 6 ratings

    The story of the "handwriting on the wall" is God's way of reminding us that there will be a day of judgment. What can we learn from God's warning to this King?

    In 1883, the greatest volcanic explosion in modern history took place. Krakatoa, a volcano in Indonesia, exploded and shot 6 cubic miles of debris 24 miles up into the stratosphere. Its shock wave traveled around the world 7 times, and its debris fell more than 2000 miles away. The official more

  • The Day Of Reckoning Series

    Contributed by Matthew Kratz on Jul 15, 2022

    In Romans 2:1-5, the Apostle Paul presents three principles by which God will judge sinful humanity on The Day of Reckoning. He does so on the basis of: 1) Knowledge (Romans 2:1), 2) Truth (Romans 2:2–3), and 3) Guilt (Romans 2:4–5).

    Romans 2:1–5. Therefore, you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. 2 We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. 3 Do you suppose, O more

  • The Reckoning Of God

    Contributed by Jeff Taylor on Nov 10, 2022
    based on 1 rating

    God's Word is absolute. The Word of God is final. And His Word is binding, and it is truth! There is a reckoning at hand. It's the reckoning of God. And it is a reckoning of the sinful ways of this world and how we have literally pushed God out of our lives and our countries.

    God's Word is absolute. The Word of God is final. And His Word is binding, and it is truth! Malachi 3:6 says, "For I am the Lord, I change not;" Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." John 14:9, "...he that hath seen me hath more

  • There Comes A Reckoning Day!

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Jan 15, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    Let us study three men? There comes a reckoning day, choices? Three men and their life style choices? ONE MAN DIED DECEMBER 25, 2006. ONE MAN DIED DECEMBER 26, 2006. ONE MAN DIED DECEMBER 30, 2006. Brown, Hussein, Ford.

    THERE COMES A RECKONING DAY! By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. Proverbs 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. Eccles. 7:1 A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s more

  • Reckoning, Retribution, And Recompense Series

    Contributed by Harvey Earls on Mar 10, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    An exploration of "The Day of the Lord" mention found in Obadiah verse 15

    Sermon for Sunday May 3, 2015 Obadiah 10-21, main verse of text is 15 Review 2 weeks ago we talked about Obadiah. Let’s do a little review for context and catch us up…Obadiah is primarily a prophecy against the nation of Edom, sometimes called Esau after the father of their nation, more

  • The Parousia Protocols

    Contributed by Stephen E. Trail on May 22, 2022

    What is the sequence of events that will set in motion at the second coming?

    “The Parousia Protocols” Acts 1:1-11 1 The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach, 2 Until the day in which he was taken up, after that he through the Holy Ghost had given commandments unto the apostles whom he had chosen: 3 To whom also he shewed more

  • How To Reckon Yourself As Dead To The Law And United To Christ

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 21 ratings

    How To Reckon Yourself As Dead to the Law and United to Christ (Rom. 7:1-6)

    How To Reckon Yourself As Dead to the Law and United to Christ (Rom. 7:1-6) Illustration;Sometimes we as Christians need to stop along life’s road and look back. Although it might have been winding and steep, we can see how God directed us by His faithfulness. Here’s how F.E. Marsh described what more

  • Mustard Seed Faith

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Jun 30, 2016
    based on 14 ratings

    Faith is a great force, a power to be reckoned with.

    MUSTARD SEED FAITH. Luke 17:5-10. “Lord, increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). In Luke’s Gospel, this request arises out of one of the hard sayings of Jesus. For flesh and blood to ‘keep on forgiving seven times a day’ (Luke 17:4) seemed quite impossible to the disciples! Jesus’ answer is not to more

  • The High Price Of Low Living

    Contributed by Stephen E. Trail on Oct 27, 2013

    A sermon that teaches that there are consequences to all our beliefs and behaviors.

    "The High Price of Low Living" 1 Kings 21:20 1 Kings 21:20 And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy? And he answered, I have found thee: because thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the LORD. INTRODUCTION: This makes the third message from 1 Kings that I have been more

  • I Will Give My Talent Series

    Contributed by Stephen E. Trail on Jan 29, 2012

    Resolutions that will change your life.

    Five Life Changing Resolutions Part 5 I Will Give My Talent Matthew 25:14-15 Scripture Reading Matthew 25:14 For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. 15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, more

  • Daniel Chapter 1.

    Contributed by Melvin Shelton on Aug 23, 2003
    based on 7 ratings

    Now you reckon what Daniel had to guide him at this crucial time?

    Daniel chapter 1. Last time we talked about why Judah was taken captive into Babylon. It was the judgment of God for disobeying His rules and Commandments. The Jews repeatedly disobeyed His commands, especially the law of the land. The land was supposed to have a Sabbath, to lay desolate the more

  • Weeds In God's House

    Contributed by James May on Apr 23, 2001
    based on 58 ratings

    Tares grow with the wheat and do much damage to the church but there is coming a day of reckoning.

    Weeds in God’s House Matthew 13:24-30, "Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and more