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1. It happened in the Spring of 1981 .......... perhaps you remember it.

a. President Reagan had just been shot by John Hinckley.

1) Washington was shocked and stunned.

2) Vice-President George Bush was not immediately available.

3) Even at the White House no one was sure what was going on.

b. That's when Gen. Alexander Haig, who was at the White House, stepped in & confidently asserted to the press--"I'm in charge here!"

1) He's never been able to live those four words down.

2) What HE thought he was doing was providing crisis leadership.

3) What the country saw was a man hungry for power.

2. "I'm in charge here!" ....... Those words never fell from Jesus' lips!

a. They didn't have to.

1) Something about Jesus made people KNOW he was a leader.

2) People (like sheep w/o a shepherd) just naturally followed him.

b. That's the kind of leader I want to be!

1) Not the kind that has to say, "I'm in charge here!"

2) When we have to say that we are admitting we are NOT a leader!

c. What was it that drew people to Jesus? ................ Authority!

1) Matt. 7:28-29.

2) Leadership in Jesus style wrapped up in his nature as SERVANT.

3. Leadership in the Church is different from leadership in the world.

a. To follow Jesus means to become a servant.

b. To become a servant means to become a leader.


A. One of the most consistent teachings of Jesus Christ is his insistence that to be his disciple you must live for OTHERS, not SELF!

1. Some passages that teach this:

a. Matt. 16:24-25.

b. Mark 10:35-45.

c. Luke 9:46-48.

d. John 12:20-26.

2. When I begin to live this way I unlock the power of God in my life.

a. It is no longer ME at work, but CHRIST in me (Gal. 2:20).

b. Carries with it a big price tag ("drink cup; be baptized?")

B. It's a crazy, mixed-up, inside-out, upside-down way to look at it--but in the kingdom of God, the GREATEST is the LEAST; FIRST is the LAST!

1. Leadership in the Jesus style solves a lot of problems.

a. Eliminates church fights.

1) People not trying to be first ........ but to be LAST!

2) People not seeking to control ........ but to SERVE!

b. Goes a long way toward settling women's issue.

1) When do women start asserting their rights over men?

2) When men stand over them & say, "I'M IN CHARGE HERE!"

2. There's a certain order that comes from leadership in Jesus style.

a. But it's certainly not easy!

b. And it doesn't look like what the world has to offer.



1. Leadership after world's model:

a. Takes a public opinion poll before acting.

b. Illust . Congressional pay raise issue. Alone & off record-- politicians for it. In vote--struck down. Civil War-- Lincoln's parade of generals. Too cautious--except Grant.

2. The Servant-Leader is the one who sees most clearly where it is best for his community to go.

a. Quality of Jesus (John 10:22-11:11).

1) If Jesus had taken a vote--wouldn't have gone!

2) No vote ... initiative & risk ... Jesus' greatest miracle.

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