Summary: The need for an Attitude of Visionary Faith in order to take hold of Gods inheritance

To serve Gods Purpose in your own Generation

“For when David had served God`s purpose in his own Generation, he fell asleep … Acts 13:36

There are only 3 kind of people in the World:

1. Those, who do not know, what is happening in the World

2.Those, who know, what is happening in the World

3.Those, who make things happen in the World


1.Asbest-Christians – they resist any fire of God in their life

2.Oil-Cloth-Christians – they produce a lot of smoke, but no real fire is coming up

3.Petrol-Christians – One Spark of the love of God is enough for them to start burning with Passion for God and his Kingdom

It is not my task, to judge, where YOU stand – that you have ( 2 Corinthians 13:5) to discern for yourself. – But I want to challenge you today to rise above a halfhearted Christian-life and to become a Christian, who makes Heaven shout for joy (1 Corinthians 4:9) and hell tremble in fear. (Ephesians 3:10)

We are living in terrible times (2 Timothy 3:1-5). The DESTROYER is going out in the Land and destroying the Harvest (1 Samuel 13:16). There is a spiritual war going on! Where are the Christians???

· In the Shaddow of a pomegranate tree like Saul? (1 Samuel 14:2) -> a little more rest, a little more slumber- Sleeping Saints

· With the Philistines? (1 Samuel 14:21 + 1 Samuel 13:7) -> compromising, and lukewarm – having more in common with the world than with Christ.

· Hiding away in Caves and Thickets, among the Rocks, and in Pits and Cisterns? ( 1 Samuel 13:6) – selfcentered, only concerned for their own little world.

· Men with an Attitude of Faith – like Jonathan and his Armour-bearer (1 Samuel 14:1 + 6-10

Jonathan Edwards: The Obligation of every Generation is to understand what God is doing and then to do it together with Him!

God has a perfect Plan for our Life ( my personal Illustrations: Trip to Italy / Book: “My Son is a Thief!”)

We need to KNOW what God has made us for and pursue that Plan with all our might!

· (A pen is made to write with – a washing-maschine is made to wash clothes ->>>BUT WE CAN CHOOSE TO MISS-USE THEM!!!)

· Our Lives have been designed by God for a specific purpose (Ephesians 2:10) ->>>BUT WE CAN CHOOSE TO MISS-USE THEM!!!)

God is blessing HIS Plans – not necessarily ours. I read these days the following Quotation:

“If you belong to the people of God, you need to be constantly living on the edge of His will – otherwise you are taking up to much space!” -- Unknown

“… the men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew, what Israel should do -- 1 Chronicles 12:32

· Do you understand the times in which we live?

· Do you understand what God is doing in the World?

· Do you understand what the Will of God is - for this Generation? – for your Family? - for your City? - for your Church?


What can we learn from Jonathan?

1. Jonathan knows His God! He knows, with God NOTHING is impossible! (14:6)

2. Jonathan has a super partner – his armourbearer ( 14:6-7 + 13-14). We have the Holy spirit and a lot of fellow-christians to partner with us (Husbands have their wifes!!!)

3. Jonathan went on his hand and feet (14:13). He did not wait for an airconditioned Helicopter.

4. The enemy fell AND panic struck the whole of the enemies army – it was a panic sent by God (14:14-15)

Are you willing to reach out for victories in God? Each one of us can have as much revival in his/her Life as he/she wants!!!

How do we get a Vision from God?

1. Ask Him to reveal His will to you!

2. Look into theWord of God! Hebrews 10:23

3. Study the Harvest! Look at the needs around you

4. Look around what others do with the Lord

What is the reason for my existence?

1. Be an Original – don’t be a Copy!

2. Be a worshipper - Do whatever you do because you love Jesus!

3. Do something for which you would be willing to die! What is it, that you would do with 100% of your heart for no reward at all?

4. Where do you realise the anointing of God? Flow with the Spirit!

5. Where is God giving you fruitfulness?

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