Summary: Serving and trusting God are fruits of our love and reverence to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Serving and trusting God go together and they are

inseparable in the life of a true believer. People who

do not trust God do not serve Him either. The

intensity of our trust in the Lord deepens our service

to Him. Our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

enhances our Christian service and fellowship with

God. The less a man loves the Lord, the less he serves

Him also. The more a man loves the Lord, the more he

serves Him faithfully. Deep love for the Lord produces

sweet and intimate fellowship with the Savior.

The strength of our trust in the Lord is revealed

when we are tested physically, emotionally and

spiritually, thereby revealing also our inner

strength. Insecurities are obvious revelation of one’s

little faith in the Lord. As we have a deeper study on

Matthew Chapter 6, we will realize that the worsening

insecurities of men are unpleasant fruits of their

unbelief. Man’s unbelieving attitude towards God’s

Word is well-dramatized through his doubtful giving,

hypocritical praying, unforgiving spirit, questionable

motives, worldly focus of mind, evil eyes and half-

heartedness in serving the True and Living God.

Reading and understanding what our Lord has spoken

long time ago guide a man to find his way out from the

bondage of severe insecurities of life. Depression is

a killer disease that leads a person to lose his will

to live. Depression is an upgraded and mishandled

insecurity. Depression is a great tool of the devil in

leading people to early death. God wants His children

to be blessed, but it seems that most people, through

their unbelief, choose curse rather than blessings. A

well-studied and a well-practiced Word of God

strengthen our trust in the Lord. It will also broaden

our knowledge and understanding on God’s wonderful

ways of showing us His amazing love and grace. Matthew

Chapter 6 is a life-changing message from God and if

obeyed carefully, it will transform us in a great way,

and assuredly, the way we serve our Lord Jesus will

never be the same again.

(I) Serve God And Him Alone

Matthew 6:24

-Don’t serve money v24

-Let God be the first of your life v33

Warning: Proverbs 23:4-5

(II) Trust God Completely

Matthew 6:25-34

-Don’t be a victim of worry v25

-Be analytical v26

-Be practical vs27-30

-Don’t be critical vs31, 32

-Be faithful vs33, 34

The lesson we get from this part of Scriptures

cannot be measured by man’s scale, neither can be

attained from secular schools of great men of the

world. The riches of God’s Word are beyond comparison.

It frees a man from the bondage of anxieties and

gradually leads him to trust the Lord completely. It

also helps us to be more analytical and practical when

it comes to simple matters of life. Critical spirit is

also subdued through better view point and

understanding of God’s way. Best results and blessings

are well-expected the moment we apply this God-given

lesson carefully and heartily for the glory of God.

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