Summary: In this Psalm we have a loud cry to the Lord for help in the midst of spiritual decline. The golden age of a country materially may be a dark age morally.


PSALM 12:1-8

Introduction: In this Psalm we have a loud cry to the Lord for help in the midst of spiritual decline. The golden age of a country materially may be a dark age morally. During the reign of David, Israel reached its height militarily, and yet here David bemoans it and sighs amid all its splendor. The True glory of a Nation lies in its moral fiber and not its military might. While wickedness increased, righteousness decreased. David regards his age as one of widespread hypocrisy, unfaithfulness, deceitfulness, and treachery.

The Psalm is divided into four parts of two verses each. In the first, the Psalmist pray to God concerning those who are sinning with their lips. In the second, he expresses his confidence that the Lord will deal with these. In the third, he has the Lord’s word for it and rejoices in the Word. And in the fourth, he rests in the Divine assurance, though realizing that trouble is still very much present.

There are three speakers in this Psalm. In verse 1-3, and 6-8 we hear the voice of the Saint. In verse 4 we hear the voice of the Sinner. And in verse 5 we hear the voice of the Saviour.

In the first four verses man is spoken of, and in the last four God is spoken of. It is easy to see how their words are contrasted.

Men’s words are the weapons of the Wicked. God’s words are the safety of the Saints.

Men’s words are Worthless. God’s words are Weighty

Men’s words are Flattering, False, and Fanatical. God’s words are Pure, Proven, and Preserved.

Men’s words Ensnare and Slay Men . God’s words Enlighten and Save men.

Men’s words Damn and Deceive men. God’s words Deliver, Direct, and Delight men

In a closer look at the Psalm, three important facts emerge. It is important that we learn the truths of the Psalm, because, in many respects the days of David parallel these in which we live.

I. UNFAVORABLE CONDITIONS - Godliness has never been popular among the sons of men. Too many are looking for a Christianity without Christ. The problems in David’s day were the same as those in our day. There were six outstanding features of society at the time when this Psalm was written.

A. First Comparison of David’s Day: Compromise

1. “The Godly man ceaseth and the faithful man faileth.”

2. This fact is just as fresh at this very hour!!!

a. Where are those who once took a leading role in the Church?

b. Where are those who one taught a class or held an office?

3. There are two many “has beens” in the work of the Lord.

4. We are living in times of Apostasy. In times like these the faithful are in great danger of letting go of their grip of spiritual things and drifting with the tide of Compromise.

5. We see it on every hand. Men and women who once stood strong for the faith are now lost to the things of Christ.

6. One of the most discouraging things in the work of the Lord is to see folks give up.

a. To see faithful people become unfaithful.

b. To see good turn bad.

c. To see Strong people turn weak.

d. To see those that once stood for you turn and stand against you.

7. There has been a widespread defection from the faith once delivered to the saints. But these problems aren’t new. David had the same problem in his day.

8. They are like Demas of Paul said, “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world.”

9. There is a solemn warning in Rev. 3:11 to those are thinking about giving up after years of Faithful service. “Behold I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.”

10. What do we have?

a. A Book that will Abide!!!

b. A Bride that will be Adorned!!!

c. A Blessed Hope that will Appear!!!

B. Second Comparison of David’s Day: Untruthfulness and Falsehood

1. Is this not also a feature of our times?

2. There aren’t many people that you can trust.

3. You can’t take anyone’s word anymore, not even church people.

4. Those that do not tell lies with their lips, live lies with their lives!!!

C. Third Comparison of David’s Day: Pride

1. This is another condemning mark of our day.

2. Pride is an awful sin. It keeps lost people from getting saved and saved people from full surrender.

3. It causes friction within the fellowship and rebellion towards the revealed word of God.

4. This generation is raising our children to be filled with pride.

5. All we here about it self-confidence and loving yourself. The word of God teaches that we need to die to self.

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