Summary: Choose what and/or who you are going to serve

Serving God or the World??

Matthew 6:33

I believe that here at True Believe that we are serving God….and when God loving, fearing, shouting, praising, people show up…God shows up and God shows off…..Then serving God can be compared to a bug being drawn to the light….AMEN…..

Everybody is so eager to talk about God’s Love…....they want to dwell on that….

Don’t get me wrong…God’s Love is AWESOME.

Some of God’s Word is Love, Grace, Mercy…but then on the flip side of that coin….there can be stuff in there that

(in our flesh) it can sometimes be offensive to us….

What About God’s Judgement…and His Wrath..

Or His anger about sinfulness…..

Here at True Believers …

We have always been an evangelistic ministry….or Revival’ers……..Amen……

When Revival comes…things come out,

that make people feel uncomfortable…

sinfulness gets brought to the surface …..repentance takes place………!!!!!!!

Peoples lives’ are changed..

When these things come to the surface….

then the people have to deal with it head on…. AMEN

I think we all need Revival….But more than anything… I know we need our Savior Jesus Christ !!!!!!

Do you want to serve God or do you want to serve Religion????

People have a religious agenda they want revival to fit into. … God has agenda’s that are different than our agenda’s…..

And furthermore we want our agenda’s to fit with God’s agenda’s….. not God’s agenda fitting ours….

You hae to make up your mind…..

In the Book Of Joshua the Bible says:

Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve…As for Me and My House…We shall Serve the Lord!!!!

People are talking about new movements..

There’s new this and new that….

In serving God today…there is no new movement of God or His Spirit!!!!!….AMEN…

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

In Churches today….some people think there’s a new movement…maybe there is a new movement where there is no God…but from where I stand and from where I serve God….

He Has Not Changed!!!!

For the people who seek, and serve Him..

He still saves…He still sets the captive free…

He still Heals…He still is on the throne!!!!!!!

There’s no new movement of the Spirit of God!!!

Here’s what I see and hear all the time…..

It’s a me world…me, me, me, me, …….

“You buy my books, DVDs, and trinkets. You send millions of dollars to me every month.

You attend my church, crusades, and revivals, and watch me religiously everyday on TV.

You talk about me me me more than Jesus Christ… When my crusade comes to town, you stand in line for hours in the heat, cold, and rain to buy my tickets to see me…me…me…

It ain’t about me….It’s about JESUS !!!!!!!!!!

There’s so many False Prophets and False Teachers…..

Characteristics of False Shepherds, Teachers and Prophets According to Scripture…

They appear harmless but they’re not

They are extortioners and robbers

They come to extract a price from the sheep

They are capable of showing signs and wonders

They are able to deceive

They bring a slow and gradual introduction of heresies

They cause people to despise and speak ill of the truth

They use false emotion and pretend to be affected by their own words

They cleverly craft their words to have an effect in order to deceive

They traffic in sheep and use them for personal gain

They use their false and deceptive visions

They claim to hear and speak for God but they fail to Preach on sinfulness to the flocks in fear that they’ll lose the offering……..

I don’t Preach for an offering…

I Preach so that souls will be saved and people will be changed…

and I Preach because God told me too.

When someone says we have a new movement…you better watch out….

When someone says everything goes…

Look out..

Take a Look into their Ministry…

Do they Preach the truth of God’s Word..

Are People really truly getting saved…

Are lives truly being changed….

Are People getting healed….

Are People getting delivered

Are People getting set free????????


Are they always talking bigger buildings..

Are they always talking bigger ministries…

Are they always talking about new movements..

Needing more of your money for their programs

Are they always Needing more of everything you can think of except -- MORE OF JESUS?????

It’s not hard to figure out….

Jesus died on the cross because of our sinfulness.

They nailed Him to a cross at calvary….

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