Summary: describes the responsibility we have as watchmen over our world.

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The Book of Hosea opens with a clear command to the watchmen that God has placed over Israel.

In the face of the impending destruction and devastation that would accompany the Assyrian army as it forged ahead into the land of those that God loved…

The Command for the Watchmen is simply this…

Set the trumpet to thy mouth!

The answer for the impending doom that will arrive with the Assyrians is simply to set the trumpet to thy Mouth.

And the watchmen are bidden to send out a sound that will save their generation…!

Here Hosea leaves no time for preparation,

He does not cry build a wall

He does not warn them to assemble an army

But simply to set the trumpet to their mouths…

The situation has gone past the point of biding time…

The impending devastation is but moments away there is no time to build walls… or assemble armies.

God’s command to his prophet is simply to sound the trumpet.

Warn the People… Send them the Message.

Walls will not protect them and armies will not save them… they need to hear the sound of the trumpet.

They need to hear the clear Signal of the truth of what is and what is to come...

And So God commands his Watchman to Set the trumpet to his lips.

This certain sound is the lifeline of the huddled masses…

This blast of the horn is the last resort of

Multitudes who await a sound that will save them.

Imagine the consequences of Hosea’s disobedience to the command of God.

The truth that the Assyrians approach is certain… But while this truth may be certain

Until Hosea sets the trumpet to his mouth, this truth cannot Help them.

It may be true but with no trumpet to tell the story, it can never save the people.

Imagine the consequences of the Silence of the Watchman…

It is with the bloodshed of multitudes in mind that God tells Hosea to Sound the Alarm.

Without this trumpeter of truth, thousands will die at the hands of the Assyrians…

Multitudes more will be captured, children will be parentless…

Mourning will hang like a dark cloud over the fields of the slain… as family member find their loved ones have perished.

All hinging upon one blast of a trumpet of truth!

Ladies and Gentlemen I submit that when God spoke to Hosea he understood the ramifications of a muted Message…

He understood the consequences of a silent sentry.

And God’s Message to his man was to Set the trumpet to his Mouth!

Ladies and Gentlemen the message has not Changed…

God’s command is still to Send out a message to those at deaths door…

His command and Call has not Changed…

But Jesus stood on morning of ascension at his Last meeting with his disciples and declared…

Go ye into all the world and Preach… the gospel to every creature.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

And the same God sends the Same message to his watchmen over the world… Set the trumpet to thy Mouth!

Preach the Gospel! Carry the Message…

Paul echoed this commission to timothy…

Preach the Word be instant in Season and out of season…reprove rebuke and exhort!

I submit that the Message Must Go Out…

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