Summary: In every generation, God teach someone how he/she can come closer to God. And for the first time in man’s history these men called upon the name of God.

I. Intro:

We will find there is so few information about these two names in the bible; but however I personally found them as an important person in the bible. We even can call them as "man of prayer".

From the beginning, God made man and woman to fulfilled His purpose, which is, "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen." Rom 11:36. Thats the only goal. to bringing ALL the Glory to God. Nothing left. Not for ourself, or for any man, or even for satan.

But Adam and Eve failed to fulfill God’s dream; by took and ate "the fruit from the tree of good and evil", the history of humankind change since that time. God needed a new generation. A generation who can have a relationship with Him, a generation who can call, cry out, pray to Him! A generation that can give Him all the glory

II. Seth: The New Generation

Seth was "another offsping in place of Abel," Even his name means: "appointed, or bring, or lay, or to place (subtitute)." For me, this must be a prophetic name for the coming of a Messiah. It was talking about Jesus! Let me explain what I meant. Seth can means: "God APPOINTED Jesus to be the only Savior, by BRING Him to this world, LAY Him down on the cross, to be our SUBTITUTE and TO TAKE our PLACE for the redemption of our sin." The life of Seth is talked about The Amazing Grace that God has prepared for us, 4,000 years before the coming of Jesus Himself.

The new generation must be a generation who stands upon the grace of God. Before we can pray, we must realize how great and wonderful God’s grace. Our prayer always basic on the grace. God’s grace is the inssurance for our prayer answered by God. He said: "... because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do," John 14:12-13. By the cross we received every blessing from God. This is the truth.

The Basic for our prayer is: Grace! If the blood of Abel’s blood cried for revenge, for curse; but, Haleluyah! God appointed Jesus, He that speaks better than Abel’s blood, because His blood cried out for grace and mercy and love and forgiveness! We can come [in prayer] to God’s throne because of His Amazing Grace. And from that grace, rose a new generation, that’s you and me!

III. Enosh: Humility

How can we take that amazing grace of God for our benefit?

Enosh, means: "man"; if Adam means "man" in the term of human, mankind; but Enosh, means "man" in the term of mortality, man in his weaknesses.

We can take God’s grace by humble, submit, subject ourselves to the source of all grace. John 3:16, said: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son," that’s GRACE. Grace is for EVERYONE. Jesus not just for Christian Only, Jesus for everyone, because He is God’s Ultimate Grace for whole world. BUT, "that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." does everyone saved? If grace for everyone, why not everyone saved yet? Because, we need to BELIEVE to be saved. Believe is an act of humility, we cannot trust someone, without admited that we need him. We need to humble ourselves, admited to God that we are nothing, we just a sinner, we need His Grace, we must plea to Him. A person who not in humility CAN NOT trust God. But Everyone who does, he can earn the grace from God.

Enosh teached us how to come to God. Come in humility. Pray must put God as the focus of our prayer, and we just as a subject. Pray is to say to Him, "God I need You, without You I am nothing!". Enosh was a man who come in humility.

IV. Call upon the Name of The LORD

The word "call" is used the word "qara’" in Hebrew. It means, "to call out to, address someone by his own name."

Seth and Enosh beggan to call God by His own name. His personal name. That’s why the word "LORD" is used "JEHOVAH", The God Who wants to reveal Himself, personally, to someone by making covenant with them."

Prayer is the personal relationship with God. Prayer is not just touching God, but is to be touch by Him. If you need to develope your personal relationship with Jesus, than you need to come in prayer. To know Him personally; to call His name that He revealed to you.

He is: Jehovah Rapha, God is my Healer; Jehovah Nissi, God is my Banner, my Victory. Jehovah Ro’i, God is my Shepherd. I shall not want. And many other name. You can have a knowledge about all His name mentioned in the Bible, but you can’t believe it without He revealed to you personally; without experienced it with your self.

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