Summary: The works of the flesh and Spirit described

"Setting the Mind"

(Romans 8)

Works of the Flesh (Galatians 5:19-21)


1. Adultery-Committing Sex Sins After Marriage

2. Fornication-Committing Sex Sins Before/After Marriage

3. Uncleanness-Thinking Impure, Evil Thoughts, Desiring the Immoral

4. Lasciviousness-Stirring Up Lustful Desires thru Dress, Speech



1.Idolatry-Replacing God thru, Inordinate Desire for ’Stuff’, Worship Material/Earthly Things-Home, Car, Job, Wife, Husband, Children etc.

2.Witchcraft-Using Substances/ Drug to Alter the Mind, Any

Altering activity/Poisoning


1. Hatred-Harboring Dark Ugly Feelings of Bitterness or Contempt

2. Variance-Causing Discord with the Desire for Attention

3. Emulations-Having Inner Feelings of Resentment

4. Wrath-Demonstrating Impulsive Outbursts of Rage

5. Strife-Displaying Attitudes of Self-Seeking Rivalry,

Actions of Selfish Ambition for Pay, Reward or Self-Glory

6. Seditions-Dividing or Splitting in Two Pieces

7. Heresies-Creating a Party Spirit, Picking/Choosing What

You Want Believe

8. Envyings-Having Inner Discontent with Another’s Success,

Grudging Spirit

9. Murders-Taking Another’s Life Physically


1.Drunkenness-Bringing Yourself under the Influence/Control

of Alcohol/Drugs

2.Revelings-Indulging in Sensual Escapism, Inordinate/Immoral

Desire to Satisfy


3.Carousings-Practicing An Ungodly Lifestyle, Partying,

Useless Spending of Life/Time,Feeding the Flesh

Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)

1. LOVE-Showing Strong Affection/ thru Sacrificial/Self-Giving

Actions (No Dislike/Hatred!)

2. JOY-Demonstrating Outwardly Facts/Feelings of Bliss

(No Sorrow/Sadness!)

3. PEACE-Being in a State of Quiet, Calm, Serene Confidence

(No Worries!)

4. LONGSUFFERING-Attitude of Refusing to Return Harmful

Words/Actions (No Slandering!)

5. GENTLENESS-Showing Kindness to Others thru Actions

(No Harshness!)

6. GOODNESS-Displaying Right & Honest Motives by Actions

(No Wickedness!)

7. FAITH-Placing Full Trust in God-Regardless! (No Fearing!)

8. MEEKNESS-Humble, Lowly, Selfless Attitude of God-Controlled

Strength (No Pride!)

9. TEMPERANCE-Living in Moderation, Self under Spirit’s Control

(No Excesses!)

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