Summary: The Lord, who created our eyes, tongue, hands, heart, feet, lips and spirit, is vexed and grieved when we use them for evil. When we do, our bodies which were meant to be the temples of God’s Spirit become anatomical abominations!

Intro: The human body is a marvellous creation – so complex and yet so beautiful (Psa. 139:14). Each of our organs has its special function. Working together in harmony under the brain’s direction, our members enable the body to live, work play and worship. We are strictly warned by God never to allow our members to be used in any wicked means (Rom. 6:13). When we fail to heed this admonition, we have the situation found in Prov. 6:16-19 – a sevenfold anatomical abomination. The Lord hates the following perversions of our anatomy:

1. A PROUD LOOK (v.17a). These are eyes that look down upon others as inferior. It is a silent but conceited glance at people. Such arrogant look is detestable to God (Psa. 18:27; 101:5b). This sin is recorded first on the list perhaps because pride is at the core of all the other sins also included in this list (Psa. 10:4). It was pride that moved Lucifer to rebel against God. It was pride that made Adam and Eve yield to the desire to be as gods. God hates pride! (Prov. 16:18; 29:23).

2. A LYING TONGUE (v.17b). Lying is the wilful perversion of truth, not only by speech but by any means where deception is intended. Lying is so despicable to God because one of His attributes is truth. Jesus is “the truth” incarnate (John 14:6) and the Holy Spirit is “the Spirit of truth” (John 15:26; 16:13). On the other hand, the Bible calls the Devil “a liar and the father of it” (John 8:44); thus all liars have Satan for their Father. Satan and all his children will have their part in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:10; 21:8). That is why it is easy to see why lying is consistently denounced by God throughout the Holy Scriptures (see Prov. 10:18; 12:22; Eph. 4:25).

3. BLOODY HANDS (v.17c). This is not self-defence or accidental killing but rather pitiless murder of innocent people. A murderous spirit underlies a cruel and violent nature in an angry man. Christians must do more than abstain from violence and murder. They must oppose its exploitation and glorification by the movie and sports industry; its unnecessary or excessive use by police and military authorities; and its relentless practice by criminal and lawless elements (Exo. 20:13; Matt. 19:18).

4. A DEVIOUS HEART (v.18a). This heart is a busy factory and a productive hatchery of evil plots and schemes. The deliberate fabrication of sin and wickedness in which one’s heart literally becomes the devil’s workshop is so abhorrent to God that He so condemns it. A corrupt heart is the spring from which flow every evil thing (Jer. 17:9; Mark 7:21-23).

5. MISCHIEVOUS FEET (v.18b). The feet of the wicked carry out with zeal and eagerness what their evil heart has devised. They do not delay the completion of their sinful plans. The feet of righteous men may unintentionally stray into error, possibly slip into sin and even fall into wrongdoing; but the feet of unrighteous men deliberately make a senseless rush toward evil and Hell! (Isa. 59:7; cf. Rom. 10:15).

6. PERJURING LIPS (v.19a). Lying in the general sense has already been dealt with in v.17b. This sin in question has something to do with someone who declares false testimony under oath. False witnesses are bribed to secure a “guilty” verdict for an innocent person or a “not guilty” verdict for a wicked criminal. No less than Jesus and Stephen were tried and “found guilty” through false witnesses (Matt. 26:59; Acts 6:12-13). It is of little wonder why the Lord has expressly forbidden this corruption in the Ten Commandments (Exo. 20:16). God loathes such a devilish and cowardly depravity!

7. A DISCORDANT SPIRIT (v.19b). Troublemakers cannot bear to see Christians dwelling together in love and unity. Like termites lurking in a beautiful house, they feel compelled to slowly but surely destroy the harmony and peace of whatever church they attend. Sometimes the telephone can be a deadlier instrument of Hell than drugs and guns. It is ironically better that an arsonist burn down the chapel than for tongues to be kindled and set on fire against one another (Jas. 3:5-6). A burned-out building can still be rebuilt, but a congregation ruined by discord may never rise from the ashes of contention!

Conclusion: The Lord, who created our eyes, tongue, hands, heart, feet, lips and spirit, is vexed and grieved when we use them for evil. When we do, our bodies which were meant to be the temples of God’s Spirit become anatomical abominations!

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