Summary: this is an ugly sin--it is often called the green eyed monster of envy.

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Jealousy is wishing you had what someone else has, but even worse is envy, wishing they didn’t have it at all.

Most fights, quarrels, and strife in life comes from this terrible sin.

It is one sin that no one will admit to, because it is such a wicked thing. Envy- a rejoicing over the misfortunes or failures of others. Envy is called the spark that starts hell’s fire. Envy produces the crimes of passion where the rejected lover kills with the thought, if I can’t have them, then nobody can have them.

Envy is generally associated with a green eyed monster. This demon is so strong in those it possesses, that it controls their words and actions.

Let’s go to the Word of God for light on the words envy, and jealousy.

I Corinthians 13:4-love doesn’t envy--perfect love casts out jealousy and envy. We see then that envy is a by-product of self love, which is pride. Filling your life with love, God’s love, is the greatest antidote to envy. When we love God we will not despise others.

I Peter 2:1--laying aside all malice, all guile, hypocrisy, envy and all evil speaking. It is amazing that envy is grouped with hypocrisy and evil speaking. To show you God’s disdain for envy, the one who is envious is on the same level with the hypocrites and people who speak evil.

Proverbs 27:4- wrath is cruel, anger a torrent, but who can stand before envy? This is such a strong statement. It says, when someone is jealous of you, envious of you, nothing you can do will be right. Nothing you can say will make things better. It is the most vicious of vicious things.

Matthew 27:18-for he knew because of envy they had delivered him up. Here is such a sad statement about the religious leaders. Because they were so jealous of Jesus, they had to destroy him. Envy ate them alive. They were consumed with destroying Jesus. It is the spirit that controlled Saul when he threw a spear at David.

I Timothy 6:4-5 once again envy is listed with a bunch of other terrible sins, there is a word to stay away from this type of person.

I Corinthians 3:3--where there is envy, strife,divisions among you, you are carnal, acting like mere men. Envy, jealousy are both fleshly manifestations.

James 3:16-where envy and strife is, there is confusion.If you find confusion or division in any church, it is because the church is more carnal than spiritual.

Proverbs 6:34--for jealousy is the rage of man, he will not be pacified by anyone.

by-products of jealousy--

control--most people who have the green eye of envy try to control others.

insecurity--envy always feels suspicious.

shame--after you have gone on a tirade because of envy, jealousy, you regret the things you said, and did.

rage--out of control

helps for envy, jealousy

nothing but deliverance--it is a monster that must be slain.

It must be buried completely or it will rear it’s ugly head up again.

dying to self, the flesh, carnal thinking are all keys to winning over jealousy, envy.

close: years ago I won an award in college and in the picture everyone was smiling, except this one guy who probably figured he deserved the award. It was all over his face. There is one thing about jealousy, envy, you may think you are covering it well, hiding it, but let me tell you, everyone knows when you have got the problem.

Generally jealousy and envy try to justify themselves. By saying the other person caused them to feel this way. But the truth is, you have got a problem, and you will have to defeat it, before it destroys you, and every relationship in your life.

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