Summary: We are special because we have life because God breathed the breath of life into us!



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• I am sure it did not go down quite that way.

• Today we are going to examine a word that you may wonder why we would need to know it.

• This word is used 24 times in the Old Testament, so it is not a widely-used word, nonetheless, it is an important word.

• This nondescript word is an important word when we consider how we came to be.

• We are taught that we were an accident that evolved eventually from monkeys to where we are now.

• I am not a scientist, so I will not get into all the science of the topic, I am going to share what the Word says concerning how we got here on this planet.

• The Evolutionist’s themselves have no clue how their theory works because they are having trouble finding evidence of their theory.

• It is also a very curious fact that no one understands how evolution works. Evolutionists commonly protest that they know evolution is true, but they can't seem to determine its mechanism. ( Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. 1986. The Vanishing Case for Evolution. Acts & Facts. 15 (6).

• Life had to get its start from something living, the idea of life spontaneously happening with no start from something living does not seem logical.

• As far as I know it takes life to start life.

• Your origin matters, some Christians, because they either do not understand the issue, or they are afraid to be made fun, will try to dodge the issue or come up with some sort of hybrid system by which we arrived.

• Our origins matter because if we are not created, but rather an accident of the cosmos, then how you live your life really does not matter and when we die, we are gone.

• You cannot have us being here by accident and have a God in heaven, you either have one or the other.

• This subject is also pertinent given the fact that our country has no problem with the destruction of life in the womb which one day will lead to us justifying riding ourselves of folks deemed a burden to society.

• Our church supports Carenet and as this passage is unfolded, I hope that you can see why we why we feel strongly about trying to help women keep the child that is in them.

• IF we see that we are created by God, then we should realize we were created for a purpose, a purpose given to us by God.

• Honestly, this is the big hang up for many, the issue accountability for the y they live.

• Today we are going to examine Genesis 2:7. Genesis 2:7 tells us how we got here.

• The word for today is NAY SHA MA(h), it means breath.

• Let’s being with Genesis 2:7 as we build to why this word is so important to the understanding of our origins as well as how this word is important as one ponders where they stand on the when life begins.

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Genesis 2:7 (CSB) Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.

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???????? I. God formed man.

• Then the Lord God formed the man

• This part of verse 7 tells us that GOD formed mankind, mankind did not come from a glob of slop, which eventually turned into a monkey which eventually turned into a person.

• And while this slop was brewing, both male and female evolved at the same rate to allow for procreation, and that the male and female accidentally formed the parts to allow for procreation.

• WOW, all be accident!

• The word FORMED means to FASHION, to form in the mind, much like a potter with a vision for what to do with the clay.

• The word is used of a potter or woodcarver forming their medium into something.

• The word translated FORMED is occasionally used for human activity, bit more often it is used in reference to God forming things.

• In Isaiah 43:7 says that everyone the Lord formed, were done so for His glory.

Isaiah 43:21 says that the people the Lord formed will declare His praise!

• This word tells that we were created in the mind of God, then He went to work.

• He did not find our lifeless bodies lying on the ground and then said, hey, WAKE up!

• In Genesis 1:26-28 the word used for CREATE, this verb is used only for creative acts of God. The difference is subtle, but the word in Genesis 1:26-28

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