Summary: Bare bones sermon-building outlines of penitential Psalms


Psalm 6-A Pattern of Penitence

I. Cry of the Penitent (v.1, 2)

II. Cost of Prolonging (v.3, 5, 6, 7)

III. Cure of the Penitent (v.4, 8-10)

Psalm 32-Past Look at Penitence

I. The Blessedness of Guilt-free Living (v.1, 2)

II. The Barrenness of Guilty Living (v.3, 4)

III. The Blessedness of Confessing Sin (v.5-7)

IV. The Beauty of Obeying God (v.8-11)

Psalm 38-Godly Sorrow for Sin

I. Cry of the Sorrowful (v.1, 21, 22

II. Chastisement for Sin (v.2)

III. Cause for Sorrow (v.3)

IV. Consequences of Sin (v.5-14)

Psalm 51-The Portrait of the Penitent Heart

I. Crying Out for Cleansing (v.1, 2, 7-9)

II. Confessing for Cleansing (v.3-6)

III. Calling for the Cure (v.10-16)

Psalm 102-Distress & Deliverance (Focus: My Days)

I. Appealing of the Distressed (v.1, 2)

II. Agonizing of the Distressed (v.3, 11, 23, 24)

III. Attributes of Deity (v.22,25-28)

Psalm 130-The Penitent’s Pardon

I. Appealing of the Penitent (v.1, 2)

II. Asking of the Penitent (v.3)

III. Answering of the Penitent (v.4-8)

Psalm 143-Urgency of the Penitent

I. Appealing with Urgency (v.1, 2, 7-12)

II. Adversary of the Urgent One (v.3)

III. Anguish of the Urgent One (v.4)

IV. Answer of the Urgent One (v.5, 6)

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