Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: As a Christian we have some of the greatest things in the world. In this passage there are seven great things that are priceless to us.

Seven Priceless Possessions of the Christian

Philippians 4.1-19

As a Christian, you and I have some of the greatest things in the world. Many of the things that we have are priceless.

Paul in this passage shows us seven things that are priceless to us as a Christian.

I. The Privilege of Prayer to help us. (v. 6)

II. The Peace of God to Keep us. (v. 7)

III. The Presence of God that goes with us (v. 9)

IV. The Pattern of others that challenges us (v. 10)

V. The Policy of Contentment to calm us. (v. 11)

VI. The Power of Christ to strengthen us. (v. 13)

VII. The Promise of God to Provide for us. (v. 19)

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