Summary: This message looks at some of the excuses that Pharaoh used to justify not obeying God. How many of these do we use?

Seven Steps Of Bargaining With God:

- these are the true and only 7 steps, but they are instructive.

1. “Absolutely not.”

- Exodus 5:2, 4, 6-9.

- don’t even want to think about or talk about God.

2. “I can make it without God.”

- Exodus 7:11, 22, 24.

- thinking some of God, but convinced that I can do it on my own.

3. “Maybe, but not right now.”

- Exodus 8:10, 15.

- procrastination.

4. “Yes, but I’m not moving.”

- Exodus 8:25, 28.

- not going to be inconvienced; not going to make a bunch of changes.

5. “Yes, but just me.”

- Exodus 10:11.

- not going to witness; it’s just between me and God; it doesn’t have to impact my relationships with my family or others.

6. “Yes, but not my wallet.”

- Exodus 10:24.

- not going to tithe; not going to change my lifestyle.

7. “Yes.”

- Exodus 12:31-32.

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