Summary: Jesus Spoke seven words on the Cross. The Seventh word was so important and final before his death. "Father I Commit my spirit into your hands". So, very clearly final word, victorious words, courageous word. He ran the race and set an example for us.

Seventh Word of Jesus on the Cross

“Father into thy hands I commit my Spirit”. Luke. 23:46.


Man is a tripartite made up of flesh or Body, spirit and soul. Man was formed out of the dust. Man relates to the world around him. His materiality and frailty as “flesh” is found here. He is a dust and ashes (Gen.2:7,3:19,18:27).

Man created with an “Imageo Dei”. Made in the image and likeness of God. It endows him with reason, conscience, affection and free will. Capable of innocent (Gen.2:25), moral obedience (Gen. 2:16), and Religious communion (Gen.3:9ff).

Spirit differs from Soul and commonly understood that it belongs to God. It is the breath of God and need to be returned back to Him (Eccl 3:21). God breathed his spirit into human and so he became living soul. The body moves on, runs on and does all great things. The Spirit of God is not only as Life in man for physical activities but as wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, Skill and Courage, etc.

Soul: Nephesh (Heb), Psyche (Gk), Body: Basar (flesh). Soul is the life animating in the flesh. Soul of the flesh is identified with blood in the biblical references Lev.17:14., 1 Cor.15:50.

Body is conditioned to health, emotions, senses, feelings, beauty, ugly, etc., but never functions alone without the Spirit and soul. Death is a state of unconsciousness, forgetfulness, and silence (Psalm.94:17, 115:17).

Death was understood:

• As being gathered to their fathers (Gen.15:15)

• Well-earned rest (Psa.116:15).

• An equalizer (Job.3:17-22).

After death the soul does many things such as it:

- Could speak (Lk.16:24),

- Could Look Upon (Lk.16:23),

- Looks as it existed (16:24)

- Could remember and identify (16:27).

Desires of men on death:

Always people want to die after completing all their life activities on the earth. One full length of Life without leaving anything as unattended. But not possible for all due to various reasons. Some of the biblical characters died:

- Moses died without entering into Canaan (Dt.32:49-52).

- Balaam wished to die like just man but killed along with sinners (Nu.23:10, 31:8).

- Samson died without vision in the enemy’s camp (Jud.16:28).

- Saul died as a failure king (I Sam.31:4).

- Abner died like a fool (2 Sam 3:33-34).

But Jesus dies as victoriously. He called very loudly and gave up his spirit. (Jn.19:30).

• Jesus made his soul as an expiation (compensation and penitence) for us (Is.53:10,12, Jn.1:29, I Cor.5:7, I Pet.1:19).

• Jesus voluntarily offered himself. (Jn.10:17-18, Heb 10:5-7).

• Jesus ransom (paid to liberate) for many (Mk.10:45, Mt.20:28). He was slaughtered bird because we were freed birds as that of Two birds in the hands of the Priest (Lev.14:4-7).

Jesus made this final prayer as part of the Jewish culture that everyone has to make this prayer at the end of their day or at the end of their lives. Jesus gave up his spirit to God with great satisfaction in the life, completed the task assigned to Him.

We need to run the race set for us. Run in our own track. At the end we should boldly declare: “I have finished”.

Then God would say “Well done, good and faithful servant, Enter into the joy of your master”.

May the Lord help you to complete your race and enter heavenly abode, Amen.

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