Summary: One of the clearest indicators of rebellion against God is the blatant rejection of God's guidelines for sex. When we sin sexually, we hurt ourselves, we hurt others, and we break the heart of God.

We are ALL broken people born into a broken world.

The evidence of that brokenness often shows up most obviously in the area of our sexuality.

So many people—professing Christians included—are willing to give their heart to God, but it seems like they want Him to stay out of their bedroom and out of their thought-life.

Even though we are ALL born with natural biological desires and tendencies,

the Apostle Paul makes it that

we are not obligated to act on these desires.

We are not slaves to these desires.

We have a choice to make.

That is why Paul issues this clear warning:

“Flee from sexual immorality.” - 1 Corinthians 6:18a (NIV)

Paul did not say, “be careful” or “watch out”.

He said FLEE!

Run away from sexual immorality!

There was a day when families on television were portrayed as practically perfect.

For instance, Father Knows Best communicated wholesome family values in the 1950s.

In many ways, Father knows best was about the ideal family.

In some ways, they held up an unattainable standard that no family could meet. They were the perfect family.

Father Knows Best might have gone a little over the top in portraying what was real in American households, but as a Christ-follower, I really do believe our Heavenly Father does know best.

That is why it is wise to listen to what He has to say.

QUESTION - Do you truly believe your Heavenly Father knows best?

Some must have their doubts because they seem to struggle to trust Him completely.

Satan has been trying to get people to doubt and question God from the beginning.

Remember how he sowed seeds of doubt with Adam and Eve?

“Did God really say, don’t eat from the tree in the garden?”

That question caused them to second guess what God had said.

Today, it seems like people doubt or question what God has to say about sexuality and morality, our topic for today.

"Did God really say it's wrong to have sex outside of marriage?

Why would He have given us sex if He didn't want us to experience it?

Why would He give me these desires if I'm not supposed to act on them?"

But I love him.

Doesn’t God want me to be happy?

So many people fall for the deception that leads to the fall into sin later on.

Anytime we second guess God, we are vulnerable to the enemy's lies.

That is why it is so important to stay rooted in God’s Word.

We are often DECEIVED because we are blind to the TRUTH.

God’s Word provides a standard of truth that is unchanging and eternal.

It is like having a compass that points to true north to helping us find our way.

Healthy sexuality, as expressed between a man and his wife in a faithful in a committed marriage relationship is a GIFT from God.

But sexual immorality, or sexual sin—which may be defined as sexual activity outside the marriage relationship, is destructive and it wreaks havoc in our lives.

Even married couples can engage in sexual immorality by engaging in sexual activity that is not glorifying to God.

When it comes to morality…

Some people are blind to God’s truth,

While others are living in outright defiance to God’s Word/will.

This morning, I want you to hear the truth, not according to culture, or popular opinion, or my opinion, but according to God’s Word.

I must warn you, there is a stark contrast between culture and scripture.

One of the clearest indicators of rebellion against God is the blatant rejection of God's guidelines for sex.

When we sin sexually (violate God’s holy standard), we hurt ourselves, we hurt others, and we break the heart of God.

Let that sink in for a moment.

TV, music, movies, and other forms of media constantly bombard us with attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that stand in direct opposition to Biblical standards.

That is why we need to be careful about the influences we allow to shape our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

No matter what society says,

or what everyone else is doing,

or what we have tried to conjure up in our own mind as our own truth,

God’s Word is truth, His Word still speaks, and He is the final authority.

His Word tells us, in no uncertain terms, to flee ALL sexual immorality.

But in today’s culture, it is not easy to flee sexual immorality.

Culture has drifted so far that now even professing Christians are deciding to disregard the clear teaching of God’s Word to do whatever they want.

Sexual sin is one of the most volatile and most alluring temptations we face.

That is why God provides such specific boundaries.

He does this for our protection.

Paul goes on to tell us why we should listen to what God has to say

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