Summary: Don't allow the Pressures to get you down

It has come to my attention in life that every time that we seem to get out of one situation it seems like another pops up. Often times it feels like we have just jumped out of the skillet into the fire. So, many times, when we are on the right track. It seems like the devil and his little imps are on that same track trying to turn us that back. [Let me ask somebody this question] have you every seem like the more that I say I’m not going to do this thing anymore, or act this way any more, or say this anymore, it seems like the more harder it becomes, or the more that you pray the more that harder things seems. Does it ever seem like when you quit doing one thing something else tried to keeps me occupied.

Even in our churches on today it seems like the more we try keep down mess and confusion in the church it seems like the more scandals and publicizing that the devil tried to deliver to the world about the Saints. PAUSE

Well if you all don’t know why there is so much turbulence, and trials, and tribulations, and trouble in the world, then let me inform you, that in this present time, in this dispensation, there are some illegal demons that has been loosed from hell and have attached themselves to us. And you need to know that the devil don’t care about us, because his objective is to kill, steal, and destroy. And this is the reason that satan brings attacks upon all of God’s people, even when we are in the center of God’s will is because he doesn’t care about how he treat’s the people of God.

This is one of the reason that we must learn to over look some things, that people have say to you, we have to learn how look past how people roll their eyes at you, or stab you in the back, in other words, as Saints of God we got to learn how to shake it off.

We sing a song every so often that says shake, shake, shake, shake the [repeat] in the name of Jesus shake the devil off, but I believe that some of us are not shaking him we are holding on to him, some of us just won’t let go.

So, as we look at the life style of Paul. Paul the one who was known first of all as a persecutor; he was known as a serial killer, he was one who was known for killing Christians.

But as he is on his way near the Damascus road, some of us know the story of how God knock him down off of his high horse, and when he got up he was blind, and at this point he asked the Lord, what would you have me to do.

And the Lord told him to go. That’s a word for somebody this morning. You have been dealing with turmoil in your life; the devil has been running rampage in your life, but now that the Lord has gotten your attention he telling you to go. And I’m here to tell somebody this morning that we have to get in a hurry because time is continually winding up.

Paul, Paul we know the story of this man. Paul, Paul this is the same man wrote 2/3 of the New Testament. This Paul, (this same Paul) is teaching us a lesson that when men don’t believe you, that the Lord has changed your life that you have to keep pressing your way.

When men don’t believe that you have been changed, even when people think that you are the same but you’re not, you have to keep on pressing your way.

You have to do as the songwriter was expressing when he said; I’m pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day, still praying on, I’m onward bound Lord plant my feet on higher ground.

I really loved the way Lucie E. Campbell put it, she said “if when you give the best of your service, telling the world that the savior is come, be not dismayed when men they don’t believe you, he’ll understand and say well done”. Can I just finish the rest of it? She said “oh when I come to the end of my journey, weary of life and battle been fought and the victory is won. Carrying the staff and cross of redemption he’ll understand and say well done”.

Paul, Paul he had been through some things. We talked about Paul, how Paul was treated like Christ when they march him from courtroom to courtroom and how they finally got him before Festus, and they tried to get Festus to sentence him to death for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but Festus said nall, since he appealed to the Roman court let’s get him to Caesar.

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