Summary: This is the sixth in a series of studies on Ephesians and deals with the equippment God has given us to to "live a life worthy of our calling."

Taking SHAPE

Ephesians 4:7-16

We are continuing in our series of teachings on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Remember that the essence of this letter is instruction for this fledgling Christian movement on how to be the Church. Two weeks ago we talked about walking in a manner worthy of your calling – tonight I want to discuss with you a little more about that calling.

Read 4:7-16

1) Everyone has a Unique SHAPE* (*Rick Warren – The Purpose Driven Life) - v 11-12

 Spiritual Gifts – what I’m gifted to do

 Heart – What I love to do

 Abilities – What am I good at

 Personality – What am I like

 Experiences – Who have I become

2) We are SHAPED for Service – v12-13

 Equipping each other for service – v12a

 Building up the body – v12b

 Growing up spiritually- v13

3) The Results – v14-16 –

 We are no longer spiritually naïve – no longer children

 Become like Christ – the purpose “conformed to His image”

 We become one – One difference in the church today is that we see ourselves as a collection of individuals instead of as one – makes it easy to leave.

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