Summary: Many times we put our trust on things that have no value at all. We have got to have confidence on Jesus Christ to win our battles.


JOHN 18:10-11

Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear (The servant’s name was Malchus). Jesus commanded Peter, “ Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

As alittle boy, I enjoyed listening to folktales that my mother told us every evening before bed. Many of the stories were scaring while others quite thrilling. A scaring story made one to experience some nightmares. I believe that the constant prediction about the death of Jesus scared the disciples especially Peter. Peter loved Jesus to an extent that he promised to follow him wherever he would go. Peter was prepared at all costs to prevent anyone from taking his master away or even harming him. What actually scared Peter away was Jesus prediction of His death in John 13:37-38 where he promised to lay down his life for Jesus sake.

And true to his words, Peter managed to acquire swords! He was prepared enough incase things turned sour for Jesus. He wanted to act Jesus’ bodyguard incognito, and when the opportunity showed up, Peter was swift enough, thank God, only an ear was cut off Malchus, though I tend to think that Peter had aimed at splitting Malchus head.

There’s a story which tells of a hare and a lion, with the hare provoking the lion through abuses. The hare had no concrete reason for the uncalled for attack but simply because the hare had seen another ‘beautiful world’ through a reflection of the sky in a bowl of water! The hare thought that he could jump through into this other ‘beautiful world’ incase the cat attacked him. And to his surprise, the hare was caught easily, for he knocked the bowl down spilling the water and wetting himself. All the confidence he had on the ‘other world’ proved futile.

Like Peter, and the hare too, are many Christians who have put their confidence on worldly issues. There are many people who have ‘godfathers’, relatives, friends etc. whom they have put their trust and confidence in, yet claim that it is through the Lord Jesus’ help. They stand with ‘breathtaking’ testimonies of victory, yet, deep within themselves, are quite aware that somebody somewhere was involved in the execution of the said ‘miracle’.

I come from a region where many people are fond of visiting the ‘black world’. Here, people are promised divine protection against evil spirits. Others are promised prosperity in their business endeavors through this medium. It is therefore ironical for a person who knows the truth about his/her involvement in the occult to claim that its through Jesus’ victory.

A person can put a ‘mask’ in order to protect his/her belief but this can only last for a season. Eventually, the whole truth comes in the open to the amazement of the victim. Those who put their trust in their wealth, money, popularity etc. end up in the same frustration as for those mentioned above. God shall not assume that you are innocent you who have bribed through a situation. Especially to those who stand and testify the Lord’s victory, the consequences are quite severe. One cannot go about cutting other people’s ears so as to please Jesus. A person who starts a brothel in order to raise money for the ministry is merely misleading himself/herself for there can never be blessings in such businesses.

I have had some difficult time in dealing with some church elders who sold beer, cigarettes, owned taverns yet held leadership positions in a certain church. Those who deal with such and like businesses should know that it is wrong. Jesus will not understand their positions and situations even in their church leadership cadres. These are merely hypocrites whose consciences are dead. Any business which is against the commmands and statutes of God shall be judged and nobody should do such at the excuse of the Gospel. To God, truth is truth and there is no excuse that warrants forgiveness.

When king Saul spared Agag the king of the Amalekites and took the best of the sheep and cattle (1 Samuel 15:4-29) so that he could use them for sacrifices, the Lord rejected him from that moment. The Lord never applauded Saul for considering Him, rather, He rebuked him for not obeying His Word. Better get your hands off church leadership if you are one of those engaging in dubious businesses before the Lord deals with you.

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