Summary: If you have a need in your life, come to Jesus and you’ll get what you come for.

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A) Some of the most unlikely people have received the greatest blessings from God!

* There are those the world would pass by as candidates for greatness, yet they are the very ones

God used in a mighty way. * The disciples were fishermen and tax collectors!

B) This woman was an unlikely candidate for greatness, and I’ll tell you why!

* One: She was not a Jew … Two: She had no claims on Christ … Three: She had every reason

to be discouraged! * She knew little, if anything, about the Lord, the Holy Scriptures …….

* Or the purpose for which Christ had came. * She probably had just heard of His miracles …….

* Yet she received a great miracle and has gone down in the pages of God’s Word with the Lord’s

commendation, “O Woman, great is thy faith.”

C) Now let’s see how it all came about … There are some interesting things here …….

(1) SHE RECOGNIZED THE SOURCE OF HER PROBLEM! * v.22 “My daughter is …”

A) She knew the devil had a hold on her child!

* The word “vex” means to bring trouble or distress to someone.

* That’s what the devil is good for … The same devil that had this child is still around today!

* He is after all of us … And one of his primary targets is our youth!

B) The devil is trying to get grips on our youth …….

* And if he can do that, he can slow down or hinder the church of tomorrow.

* If Jesus should tarry His coming, who knows what young man God has His hands on to preach

the Gospel of Jesus Christ or be a missionary to some foreign land.

* But not only is he after our youth, but he’s after all of us! * 1 Pet. 5:8 “Be sober …”

C) I want to ask you a very serious question: Have you recognized the devil as did this woman?

* Have you come to grips with the reality that your problem could be satanic?

* God gets blamed for a lot of things He doesn’t do … And as a Pastor, I’ve had to face this!

* It was a rude awakening when it dawned on me that many, or should I say most of our church

problems come from the devil.

D) Sad thing of it is, God’s people let the devil influence them! * Eph. 4:27 “Neither give …”

* The Greek word for “give” means “to grant or offer.” * Influence means “to affect or altar by

influence, to sway.” * The devil can influence your decisions that you make.

* One will never have victories over the devil until he is recognized who and what he is.

* This woman recognized the source of her problem!


A) If there had been anything she could’ve done, she wouldn’t have prayed for mercy!

* Jesus was her only hope! * Mark 5:1-20 – Man in the tombs …….

* When a person asks for mercy, he/she is at the end of their own strength, their own ability, or

their source of help from any place else. * ONLY CHRIST CAN WHIP THE DEVIL!

* So she realized her inability to solve the problem.


A) She came to Jesus … She came to the right man … But she was met with silence!

* How many times have you and I come to the Lord and seemed He met us with silence?

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