Summary: The Devil thought he’d make a match for Jesus, he found out at High Noon how wrong he was!

Read Luke 23: 33-34, 39-46, 53-56

I. Introduction

This morning we are going to travel back 2001 years ago to the year of our Lord. The setting of this infamous scriptural story is in Jerusalem on a hill called Golgatha, otherwise known as Calvary. What we will find brings the toughest grown man to tears.

So it being Easter, I thought we could learn more about the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but in a way we may have never looked at it.

II. Christ-Like

The Bible tells us in the Book of Acts, that they were first called Christians at Antioch. What does this mean to be called Christian? Well in a nut shell, it means to be like Christ. Scripture also teaches that Jesus was for our ensample, therefore we must pattern ourselves after His life.

III. Death, Burial Resurrection

Vs. 46 tells us His last words and that He gave up the Ghost. Interesting how that He was the only “man” ever to live that it is recorded dying after the Spirit of God left them, but that’s an entirely different study!!!

Vs. 53-56 speaks of His burial, how He was buried and where.

And Chapter 24 tells us of His Resurrection.

So what do all of these things mean to us today? I mean I know we’ve heard that Jesus died to save our souls and all that, but how do we actually apply it? What do we do with this information? I’ll show you in just a moment, now back to my story!

Looks at verse 44 in our scripture text. The Devil and Jesus are in a show down. They are squared off, ready to draw for their guns. The sweat is beading up on the devils brow. When all of a sudden, Jesus says to, “draw!!!! The devil slaps iron and shoots dead on if you will. He hit the Lord in both hands, fired again hitting Him in the feet and with His third shot, pierced His side, causing Jesus to drop His head, bleeding to death.

Man did the devil have a hay day!!! For three days he thought he beat the Lord!!! Three days he partied and told all his friends of his victory, but then early Sunday morning…. I said early Sunday morning, just three short days later, the Lord’s shot rang true!!!

He hit the devil right between the eyes with a shot heard around the world!!!

Ooh ya, the devil thought he was a match for God. He bragged and told all his little demon hommies how he was gonna beat Jesus with one hand tied behind his back.

Man would I have loved to have seen the look on that ‘ole devil’s face when that stone was rolled away from the tomb!!!

Talk about Rock and Roll!!!! Ya know, it could be said that the Lord rocked the devil’s world that day!!! Jesus hit him with so many rights he begged for a left!!!

In order for our names to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, we too must do as Jesus did.

He died – we must die – to sin

He was buried – we are buried with Him in Baptism

He was resurrected – we need to be resurrected by the Power of the Holy Ghost

(….Behold all things are become new)


I mentioned putting God to the test last week – I challenged you to see if my God wasn’t true.

Let me make something clear this morning…. When I say try God or test God out, I’m not telling you to do like the devil did. He tested the Lord in ignorance and tried to trip God up. (Bang Head on Mic!!!!) Duh!!!!!! Don’t ever tempt the Lord to do evil.

What I am saying to you today is to give God a chance!!! TRY Him out!!!!

Maybe like a Lowes 30 day money back guarantee or something!!! I’m telling you God has stood the test of time!!!

He beat the devil in a show down @ high noon 2001 years ago and He can beat him for you today!!!

God is not weak, He is not anemic, His word is true, powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.

You put Him to the test today and see if He doesn’t do exactly as I am saying He will!!!

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