Summary: Thesis: Either we are for God or we are against him.

Thesis: Either we are for God or we are against him.


1. Tonight: one of the most exciting stories in all the Bible.

2. Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18).


A. Rule of Ahab in the Northern Kingdom (1 Kings 16:29-33).

B. Announcement of drought (1 Kings 17:1ff. disappear, fed at Kerith Ravine, fed by widow of Zarephath.)

II. SHOWDOWN AT CARMEL. < Read 1 Kgs. 18, commenting after ... >

A. VERSE 15: Obadiah doesn't want to die--hiding prophets is one thing, counting on a prophet to keep an appointment is another! Elijah summons Ahab and Ahab comes to Elijah!

B. VERSE 21: The word for "waver" (KJV: "halt"; RSV: "limping") is the same word for "dance" in v. 26. People were "dancing" (literally?) between Baal and Yahweh. Elijah says it's one or the other, not both!

C. VERSE 24: People were silent in v. 21. Now they speak. Everyone loves a good contest!

D. VERSE 30: "Repaired"--Mt. Carmel was a site of both Baal worship and Yahweh worship until Jezebel started her purge.

E. VERSE 46: Real contrast between the frantic, frenzied activity of Baal prophets and the calm, deliberate, measured work of Elijah. Paradigm for what it means to serve the living God.

Conclusion: Whom will you serve? It's one or the other, not both!

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