Summary: Ah! What a promise! We roam around demanding and seeking for love, either because we are ignorant of this promise or we do not believe His promise. Are you listening?

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Showing love to a thousand generations!

Deuteronomy 5:10 “I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, ……….showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”

No other gods or this world can give such a spectacular offer! Is it not true! We go and stand in serpentine queue to grab the iphone, but look at this.….look at this…..this is too good to miss! You get 1 plus 1, not blessings for thousand generations in exchange for super-duper love! Is anybody listening to me?????

With mobile social networks mushrooming all over the world, people open up and write almost instantly what they feel! In a jiffy the whole world knows how you feel! My conundrum is, why let the whole globe know, what you would like to tell your boy friend or girl friend, why not send a one-to-one text and be done with it????? Anybody listening? I guess, while one is in the process of falling in love and being in love, they fail to look into the other ‘aspects’ that would later put them into trouble. Caveat! Talking the whole night through, roaming in the middle of the night in the pretext of night duty, swapping inappropriate photos, dirty chatting, dating, lusting, midnight partying, boozing have all become part and parcel of youth today. Live-in relationships, physical relationship outside marriage and before marriage is no more shocking or taboo! It is common and normal, done in the name of love! The bliss does not last long though! The façade peels away after a while and reveals the grotesque ugliness beneath, after the job is done. Are you listening?

There’s one girl who said, ‘I enjoyed with my boyfriend during my working days’, which meant she was cheating on her parents who trusted her and was living as husband and wife with a hindu boy who promised to marry her. This girl got saved during a prayer meeting and was perplexed and confused about her present relationship with the hindu boy since she had already slept with him million times. Is anybody listening to me?

Uploading umpteen pics on Facebook, roaming around in cinema theatres and malls is not ‘love’, if you are looking out for ‘great love’ from someone with a small heart it is impossible. At times, when you are bankrupt for love due to loss of loved ones in your life, pursuing and demanding of ‘that kind’ of love from a boy friend or girl friend is like looking for tranquility in a weekly bazaar. Not possible at all.

In the midst of emotions like: ‘Please talk to me, please love me, please text me and please appreciate me”, we have a promise by God Himself – yes very much by God – who said, “I will bless 1000 generations” of those who love me and keep my commandments. Ah! What a promise! We roam around demanding and seeking for love, either because we are ignorant of this promise or we do not believe His promise. Are you listening? My mom just turned 77 years old, I wanted to do something spectacular, much more than buying a saree or gift this year, so I spent time in the midst of my crazy schedule and made a flower vase and flowers myself, travelled alone to another city and spent one week with her. I wanted to do this for all what my mom did for me, a small gift from me. Our HEAVENLY FATHER would do and is able to do much more for those who love Him deeply and wholeheartedly. Young people, give your heart to Jesus! The exchange you get is blessings for a 1000 generations! Wow! Worth the swap!

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