Summary: we spend far too much time trying to please everybody else, that we lose ourselves and our identities with God.

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Luke 7:11-23

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Verse 14 says, "Then Jesus went up and touched the coffin, and those carrying it stood still." I want to take a strange twist on this text and for a little bit of time talk from the subject as the Holy Spirit shall lead and guide of, "I’m sick and tired of people pleasing!" "I’m Sick And Tired Of People Pleasing." I know you don’t understand it but stick with me cause i’m going somewhere. Jesus was a radical man of God. Jesus was the kinda brotha that would always do the wild & unexpected. Jesus was the kind of guy that was always going against the grain of what others always thought he should do. He was different. He didn’t feel the need to fit in with everybody else, to be popular, to be accepted by others. He didn’t suffer from low self esteem or self worth, or feel like he had to "Be a part of." Yes, Jesus was radical, he was different, and he was secure about himself and who he was. He didn’t feel the need to people please, but he felt the need to please his Heaveanly Father. He did the unpopular, hard things, and he was not really liked by many at all. Even his own disciples forsook him but he still did what he had to do to please the father. He kept it real. Yeah, Jesus was a "Real" brother who didn’t switch up, front, or stunt for anybody. He wasn’t fake, he wasn’t phony, but he was real!!! Somebody oughta shout real!!!

And my Brothers and my Sisters, that’s our problem today. That’s our problem. We, we spend far too much time trying to please everybody else, that we lose ourselves and our identities with God. I think I need to say that again. We spend so much time trying to please everybody else, that we lose our self identity and our identity with God. Awww somebody help me up in here. You don’t even like baggy Tommy Hilfiger jeans, but you wear them to please everybody else, because that’s what’s "In". You don’t like looking like a yo boy, but you do it any way to fit in. You can’t even afford the highest, newest, most popular cars, jewelry, or fashion, but you’ll break your neck and go bankrupt trying to fit in. And just as soon as you obtain that new trendy car, fad, or fashion, ohhhh baby, the trend changes, y’all ain’t likin’ me up in here!!!!! You’re sooo busy trying to make your boss happy and breaking your neck working overtime but it’s never good enough, so busy trying to make your husband or your wife happy by giving in to thier every little need, Trying to make your children happy, your mother happy, your father happy,your girlfriend, your boyfriend, all in the name of acceptance, but what I wanna know is, what are you doing to please the God you say you serve???!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh, we want so badly to fit in, not realizing that we’ll really never fit in, because this is not our eternal home. And the real problem with people-pleasing is that people’s expectations are always changing, they’re fickle and they’re wishy washy, and so just when it seems like you’ve reached a person’s expectations, their bar of excellence just moves up a little higher, so that the truth of the matter is that you will never be able to please people, because people are always changing, can I get a witness up in here? But how many people know that God’s expectations never change, they are the same yesterday, today, and, and forevermore. "I am the Lord your God and I changest not!" Y’all ain’t hearing me. People can be so phony & so fake, frontin’ & stuntin’ all of the time, What you need is somebody, just one body, who is committed to keeping it real with you no matter what! I’m tired of fakeness & phoniness, tired of fronters & stunters, I wish I had somebody up in here, who wanted somebody to just be real!!!!!!!! People pleasing puts you in bondage, because you’ll always be competing against them and trying to be all that they want you to be. People pleasing puts you in bondage because as long as you’re not living up to thier standards, you’ll feel low about yourself, you’ll havw no self esteem or worth, and people pleasing puts you in bondage because it makes you insecure. Yeah, it makes you insecure.

So what are the keys to deliverance from people pleasing? Well the first thing is that people pleasing causes you to be insecure. It causes you to be insecure. Because as long as you’re not meeting up to thier standards you’ll keep on feeling like you’re a nothing & a nobody, like you’re a failure, like you can’t do anything right. One of the benefits of being delivered from people pleasing is that you won’t be insecure about yourself anymore. Because you’ll know who you are in God and when you know who you are in God you can begin to live up to his standards and not some standards and expectations of medocrity. Then you can begin to live out and walk in your life’s purpose. Jesua was secure about who he was. He knew who he was and what was his life purpose. Ohh, you don’t believe me?? Look at the text, Luke chapter 7, verses 20 through 22. John sent some to ask Jesus, "Are you the one who was to come? Or should we expect somebody else?" And notice Jesus keeps on doing what he was doing and then he says, "Now go back and report what you have seen or heard." Jesus was so secure in himself, that even when questioned he kept on doing what he was doing. He didn’t have to stop and doubt or think twice, it was natural!!!!! Jesus was secure of himself!!!! And that’s what will happen when you stop people pleasing.

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