Summary: The opposition then and now wants signs from Christ before they can proclaim Him as their Lord. He refuses to give any more signs of who He is because He has given all the signs that are necesssary for anyone to beleive in Him.

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MARK 8:11-13



A. The Spurious.

B. The Sages.

C. The Sophisticated.


A. The Sorrow.

B. The Supplication.

C. The Soliloquy.


A. The Suddenness.

B. The Soberness.

C. The Safety.

Jesus never seemed to escape the people, regardless of what He did or did not do. Mark picks up the life of Jesus after the miracle of feeding the Four Thousand. He does not give us a time line as to when this meeting occurred with the Pharisees; was it immediately after the miracle as the text seems to suggest? Mark does tell us that Jesus departed from the mob of now satiated people and went to Dalmanutha. Once there He met with a group of Pharisees that came seeking a sign from Him. Whether the two sets of Scripture go together or not, the text reveals some disturbing news about the ones who seek for a sign from Christ rather than accepting Christ as He is.

I see three things in this passage of Scripture that reveal a great deal about those who cannot or will not live by faith, but seek signs for proof of the Divinity of Christ. This problem did not die with the last of the Pharisees, but has continued on through out the ages, reaching into our modern world and the Church of Christ in this century. Millions of people want proof of this or that before they will yield themselves to Christ. He rejects this out of hand and rightly so. We come to Christ and believe in Him because He is and not what He can do. This critical junction has caused many to turn down the wrong path and to miss the beauty of salvation. Seeking Signs does Suppress Salvation.

The three things I note here are THE SEEKERS, not only then but always, that constantly want proof of Christ’s Divinity before they believe in Him. The second part of my text has to do with THE SAVIOUR, Himself. Mark gives us a clue as to the true feelings of Jesus in this short passage by the way He responded to the curious that day. Finally, the third part of my text captures my attention when I view the actions of Christ in THE SEPARATION from the Pharisees that day and from those who still ask the same questions as they did.

* THE SEEKERRS: Would it not be nice if all the world would seek Jesus as its Saviour and take Him at His word? This has not been the case. In Jesus’ time there were those who were interested in Him, but wanted something more from Him. They always wanted just a little bit more information about Him, i.e. from where did He come? where did He study? who were His parents? would He do some sensational signs? etc. And the demands never seemed to end. Such is the case before us today. The Pharisees came seeking a sign from Him. This word, “sign” was more than just mere miracles as He had done before. This word signifies something extra, something out of the ordinary, something from above, some sign that would come from the skies: a bolt of lightening, an eclipse of the sun upon command, or some celestial portent. This was what the Pharisees were asking that day and they were disappointed in His response to them.

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