6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: God desires to demonstrate His power through you

TITLE: And Greater things shall ye do…


Did you hear that the angels reported in heaven about the condition of things upon the earth?

Yea they told God that 90% of all the people were wicked and 10% were good.

God said lets send a letter to the 10% that are good

Hey ____________ you know what it said

You didn’t get one either….

The Lord has a letter for us tonight

Text: John 14:8-14


God desires to demonstrate His power through you…as he did through Paul

1.Acts 20:7 Eutuchus was raised from the dead – Paul was droning on and Eutuchus fell from the window – three stories

Paul jumped on top of Him and he was raised from the dead…

God desires to demonstrate His power through you as he did through Peter and John

2.Acts 3:1 Peter and John were going up to pray

Silver and Gold Have I none

God desires to demonstrate His power through you as he did the with apostles

3. READ ---Acts 5:12 – 16

God didn’t just use Apostle!

God desires to demonstrate His power as He did thtough Stephen.

4. Acts 6:8 Stephen a man full of God’s grace and power did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people

God Desires to Demonstrate His power as He did Through Philip

5. The Bible says Philip went to Samaria.

Acts 8:4. “He proclaimed Christ there, when the crowds heard Philip and saw the miraculous signs He Did, they all paid close attention to what he said. With Shreiks, evil Spirits came out of many, and many paralytics and cripples were healed, so there was great joy in the city

God demonstrated his power through the Apostle

Through the disciples of the church in the First century

Will he do so today?

All around the world God is moving By His Spirit in power to the Glory of God and he will do the same right here.

God is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.


Brother Konin is a Pastor in Burkino Faso.

In the town where he ministers there had been sever drought.

The nearest well was 2.5 miles away

There was no water for gardens, consequently there was no food.

The people had to travel 8 miles one way every day to receive relief food through Christian agencies…

One-Day brother Konin was praying. He felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go outside His house and start digging a well.

The people came by and laughed

They knew he would have to dig 40 meters to find water (120 feet)

He started his hole, and at 15 feet, he struck water

God used this miracle to bring the entire village to Christ.

God demonstrated His power in Africa.

will he do so here?

A missionary to Costa Rica told of Rudy is an 8 year old boy from His church. Rudy began waking up in the middle of the night with pain in his lungs. His parents brought Rudy to the doctor. – He was diagnosed With Lung Cancer. The doctor gave him a prescription for the pain and sent the boy home to die.

But Rudy’s mother refused to believe that Rudy’s time on earth was through. She had heard what the physicians had to say about her son’s condition, and she decided to see what the great Physician had to say about it.

The church was called to fasting and prayer

Slowly Rudy’s pain subsided; he was able to sleep at night. A few weeks later Rudy’s mother took him back to the hospital. The Doctor’s were amazed!

They assumed Rudy was already dead..

New tests showed that Rudy was Completely Healed.

God demonstrated His power in South America…

Will He do so here?


The Story of Evan Wall “Hanging on to God’s Promise, Charisma 1991, p. 39

God demonstrated His power in the life of Even Wall in Missouri.

Will He do so HERE?

God Never intended that His Church Be without His Power actively at Work in our midst.

How do we get that power?

John 14:12

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith will do what I am doing, he will do even greater things than these

There is no magic formula.

It’s not dependent upon our faith.


What was Jesus Doing?

1.John 1:47-51 – He was listening to The Holy Spirit, He acted upon His prophetic vision,, He moved in discernment

2.John 5:1-20 – He was Healing, Doing Miracles, followed the principles of God’s will and trampled upon the expectations of the religious.

Are you doing what Jesus was doing?

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