Summary: This sermon admonishes us to take an introspective look at our nation in these perilous times.

Introduction: We are faced with the imminence of biological, nuclear, chemical and various kinds of warefare. The advent of "911" reminds us that we are no longer protected by borders and rivers. We are keenly aware of the suddenness of massive destruction. But what has happen to the veil of Divine protection? Have we strayed too far from God? Have we allowed secularism and humanism to replace our need for God? Are we the Babylon of the day? Have we become so inundated with our technological strides, until our spiritual senses have become dead? Strange sicknesses and odd weather conditions have suddenly come upon us. Our leaders are boasting about our military might. We arrogantly speak of the war as though we’ve won already. But I submit to you the words of Jesoshaphat; "Enquire, I pray thee, at the word of the Lord today."

Let us consider the signs of a nation in trouble. A nation is in trouble,

First of all, When Evil has Poisoned the Moral Veins of its Leaders. Spiritual or Physical.

A. Prophets who fear the kings of the earth more than the God of Heaven.

B. Prophets who refuse to speak the true oracles of God.

C. Prophets who lie concerning the will of the Almighty. (400 PROPHETS OF Ahab) Liars are often in abundance.

Secondly, When Righteous and Wickedness are Joined at the Head.

A. Jehoshaphat and Ahab

B. The word and the world

C. The Prophesiers and the prophe-liars

Thirdly, When Only One Prophet Speaks the Truth of God.

A. Prophet is impacted by the purse.

B. Prophet is impacted by the polls.

C. Prophet is impacted by the evil forces.

Fourthly, When a Nation Forgets the Direct Involvement of God in Human Affairs.

A. God is deeply entwined in human affairs.

B. God will use evil as well as good instruments to accomplish His will.

C. The ultimate danger is forgetting to enquire of the Lord.

Conclusion: While we listen to talk radio about whether the war is just or just war, we must not forget about the will of God. The basis for war and human blood shed does not lie within the UN. If God is not on our side, our enemies will defeat us. The ancient Israelites are a constant reminder of what happens when we disobey God. We become victims to our smallest enemies. It is time to pray for our leaders. We must cry unto God to give our president wisdom from above. The Bible says; "In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will directs thy paths. We are further instructed not lean upon our own understanding. I challenge the nation pray now. Don’t wait for another "911".

"May God Richly Bless You With All Spiritual Blessings"

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

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