Summary: We all have sin and we must die of the flesh which is our sacrifice.

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Death, Sin, and Sacrifice

Hebrews 9:27-28

[v 27] Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,,

[v 28] so Christ was sacrifced to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, to to bear sin but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him.

We all know for the wages of sin is death. That is said in Romans. Now there are people out there who belive that wasnt ment for them. Well I got news for you. It certinly does. It goes back to Genisus when Adam and Even commited the first sin. (...v19 for dust you are and to dust you will return).

This has already been promised to us. It is our price for sin. Now is there a level or degree of sin that God allows? Where he may say " Oh that is ok it isnt that big of a deal" Well the answer to that is NO. That is one of the first things we need to make clear. Sin is sin no matter which way you slice it. It is not like our Judical system where they have degrees of crime where one is more or less than another. There are so many types of sin. IE...Sin in thought or sin in action. Yes though of sin is still sin. And God sees it no other way than that. And well because of sin we all are already dead and there is no chance of getting in his good gracious. Nothing at all. Not even by doing good works in your life. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Example if you steal money you will not redeam yourself by giving part or all of it to charity or church or anything. It is still stolen and is sin. Basicly you can work till your blue in the face because when it is time to meet God face to face. You would not even be able to look at him and there would be nothing you can say to save your self from the depts of hell. Nothing.

God is saddened by how things on earth turned out because of freewill. Or the choices we have made in our life. It saddened him so much because he had made us in his image and what do we do? Life a very sinful life. Well here is the good news. There is oen thing that can save you. That is Jesus Christ. He is Gods only son that was sent to us to save us. God wants us all saved but he knows that sadly not everyone will accept his son.

Jesus was perfect in everyway. Sinless and that is the only way to enter heaven is sinless. Well how does that work? I want to go to heaven but the bible says we are all sinful creatures in Gods eyes. Well when his son died on that cross. It was a sacrifice. A gift to save us. We need to accept and belive that Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Light of this world and the only gap that will fill the distace between us and God. Talk about an awsome defender for you.

By accepting Jesus. that cleared you of all charges. Now that dont mean to keep up a sinful life. When you accept him you die of the flesh of sin and live your life as Jesus would want you to live. I mean if it was OK to live a sinful life after accepting Jesus. It would have been a big waist of time. Now think about that. Dieing to save others a waste of time. I cant even fathom that idea.

The biggest thing is not to wait till you have "your fun" with life. Cause we are NEVER guarenteed another day. At anytime our life could expire on this earth and if you haddnt accepted Jesus you are surly going down. All the way. I say this because I just had word of a friend of mine had died recently. And He was a good man. He had a big heart. And now by a massive heart attack he died on wednesday. I can only hope and pray that someday I will get to see him again in heaven. I hope so.

Get the word out before its too late and you loose a friend or loved one and they are not saved because you would not ever be rejoined with thim unless you yourself have not accepted Gods gift to man.

God bless everyone and Please please accept him. Make yoru own sacrifice in life and die and be raised up back in Gods eyes through Christ.

In Loving memory of Doug. One of the best cabbies I have ever known.

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