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Summary: First in a series of five from Amos; God loves us and desires a relationship with us and that is why sin is so important to him.

Sin in Relation to God

Amos 1 & 2

I. Revelation of God’s Standard and Humanity’s Sin (1:1-2:8)

1. Uncaring Inhumanity (1:3-5)

2. Unjust Treatment (1:6-8)

3. Unbound Relationships (1:9-10)

4. Unforgiving Grudges (1:11-12)

5. Unbelievable Cruelty (1:13-15)

6. Unneeded Disrespect (2:1-3)

7. Unheeding Disregard (2:4-5)

8. Ungodly Oppression (2:6-7a)

9. Unfaithful Adultery (2:7b)

10. Unlawful Disobedience (2:8)

II. Reminder of God’s Work and Humanity’s Failure (2:9-12)

• God’s power over other nations (2:9)

• God’s power to help Israel (2:10)

• What has God done for me?

III. Reckoning of God’s Judgment and Humanity’s Demise (2:13-16)

For the wages of sin is death,

But the gift of God is eternal life.—Romans 6:23

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