Summary: The actions of one person, held back several people.

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I. Sin defaces the character of God¡¦s people

* Moses had to hid 40 years

* Achan was destroyed by his sin

* Jimmy Swaggart

* Jim Bakker

II. Sin destroys not only the individual but many times his family and friends

* Jim Baker ended up in a divorce

* Jessica Hahn wound posing for pornographic


* Jimmy Swaggart¡¦s wife and ministry

* Achan¡¦s father and mother were without their


* The actions of the sons in Bible days played

heavily on the credibility of the father

* The prodigal son¡¦s father spend his life

looking for the return of the son

III. Sin defeats the plans of God¡¦s people

* Your sins will be uncovered

* Your skirts will be revealed

* We think we can get by with the little sins

* Little sins not only hamper the individual but

they can hold back the entire church

* In our scripture God had promised victory but

the people felt the blow of defeat

* When Joshua was discouraged over the defeat

God said get up,

* This is about sin, not about you

* There is someone in your midst who has sinned

and it is holding back the whole group

* The sin of one person destroyed the victory

party for the entire group

IV. Get rid of the secret sin

* Achan accepted responsibility after it was too


* Jim Bakker accepted responsibility in the

midst of a public investigation

* Jimmy Swaggart admitted his fault only after

having a picture as proof

V. Moses met with a bush and acknowledged his sin

* God used him as a great leader

Close: Will you be a leader for God or will you

hinder his worker?

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